Exhibition Facilities

Following exhibitions at AIST Tsukuba and AIST Tokyo Waterfront are open to the public.

Science Square TSUKUBA

Image:Science SquareScience Square Tsukuba is a site for exhibitions based on the concept of “Come and Feel the Future!”.  The visitors can learn the achievements of AIST activities and, in some cases, touch and interact with the exhibits.  A number of bilingual electronic display panels, and a guidebook and audio guide in English are available.

  Through the visit to Science Square Tsukuba, you will discover the fascination of industrial science and technology.



Geological Museum

Photo:Geological MuseumWhat is the earth?  What is its origin?  How have the earth and life evolved?  And how are the earth and human beings related?  These are the fundamental questions geologists have asked themselves.  The research activities of the Geological Survey of Japan (GSJ) attempt to address these questions.  Through the active research for more than 100 years, many new facts have been discovered and many new ideas have been presented.  Also a number of geological samples have been collected and stored, which form the basis of scientific progress.  The Geological Museum was designed to introduce the research of GSJ through the exhibitions of both natural samples and models.


* AIST Tsukuba (with one star), along with the Geological Museum, has been added to the revised second edition of “Michelin Green Guide Japon.” The guidebook for tourists provides destination information of Japan including historical background, art and architecture, and cultural insights. It was released on March 13, 2011 in France.


Life Technology Studio, AIST Tokyo Waterfront

Image:Life Technology Studio, AIST Tokyo WaterfrontLife Technology Studio  at the AIST Waterfront center is where we display our research achievements related to drug discovery and healthcare. This fully renovated exhibition space was reopened in March 2015. Here, you can experience the results of our research and development, dreams that can change our society, and technology that we can be proud of in today’s world.


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