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AIST Hokkaido consists of the main premises and Sapporo Odori Site.

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The Star mark indicates the reception area. Outside visitors must come here first upon entering.

Traffic Guide

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  • From New CHITOSE Airport by JR and Taxi
  • Take any train from New CHITOSE Airport station. Get off at SHINSAPPORO station. The ride to AIST Hokkaido takes about 15 minutes by taxi.

  • From New CHITOSE Airport by Bus
  • Take a highway bus bound for SAPPORO TOSHIN. Get off the bus at SAPPORO Dome bus stop.From the stop, it takes 13 minutes walk to AIST Hokkaido.

  • From SAPPORO station by Subway
  • Take TOHO-line subway bound for FUKUZUMI. Get off at FUKUZUMI. From FUKUZUMI, it takes 20 minutes walk or 5 minutes ride by taxi to AIST Hokkaido.

  • From SAPPORO station by Bus
  • Go to the Tokyu department store south exit bus stop.

    Take one of the bus of 74, 80, 85, 86, 88, 96, 113 lines. Get off at the NICHIRYOPAN-MAE. From NICHIRYOPAN-MAE, it takes 5 minutes walk to AIST Hokkaido.
    Take the bus of 64 lines. Get off at TSUKISAMU-HIGASHI 3-17. From TSUKISAMU-HIGASHI 3-17, it takes 1 minutes walk to AIST Hokkaido.

New Chitose Airport Terminal ( http://www.new-chitose-airport.jp/en/ )

Contact information

Research Bases Address Telephone
AIST Hokkaido 2-17-2-1 Tsukisamu-Higashi, Toyohiraku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 062-8517 Japan +81-11-857-8400
AIST Hokkaido Sapporo Odori Site 1F Shouwa Building, 5-8 Odori-Nishi, Chuoku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0042 Japan +81-11-219-3359

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