AIST Tohoku


AIST Tohoku is one of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)'s 12 regional bases located around Japan.

Since 2020, it has established the featured research theme of "resource circulation technologies" and been acting as a comprehensive contact center for AIST on this theme. In addition, AIST Tohoku functions as both a research base with a particular strength in chemical engineering and a cooperative base that connects people in the Tohoku region to advanced technology seeds.
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In its role as a research base, it is strongly promoting the development of material circulation, recycling technologies, and low-environmental-burden chemical process technologies that connect industries through using recyclable resources to help boost the competitive strength of the region's materials and chemical industries and solve global environmental problems as a social issue.

As a base for collaboration, it transfers AIST's resource circulation technologies, including research results obtained at AIST Tohoku, to the industrial world and leads environment-conscious innovations as a hub in its local region, Tohoku.


Featured research theme

Contact center for resource circulation technologies at AIST

The aim of the featured research theme of AIST Tohoku, resource circulation technology, is to satisfy environment constraints by circulating and recycling substances to help realize a sustainable society.

By drawing together the research strength of AIST and collaboratively creating innovative technologies with businesses companies and local communities, AIST Tohoku will support the rise of Tohoku's industrial competitiveness.

Resource Circulation Technology

Triggered by the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), etc., trends toward realizing a sustainable society are advancing globally.

Resource Circulation Technology Conceptual diagramThe purpose of resource circulation technology is to reshape industry and society into sustainable versions of their old selves by circulating pre-used resources and recycling them into resources that can be fed into new productive activities.

In addition, incorporating resource circulation technology into industry is also considered to contribute to strengthening industrial competitiveness, as it will lead to compliance with environment regulations in other countries.

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