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Development, dissemination, and use promotion of measurement standards and development of standards-related measurement technologies

As the national metrology institute (NMI), we are focusing on the development and dissemination of measurement standards, promotion of measurement standards utilization, development of measurement technologies related to measurement standards, legal metrology work and training of experts. Our activity covers engineering, physical, material, and chemical measurement standards. It also covers development of measurement and analytical instrumentation. We also coordinate international activities on metrology standards as a national representative.


New Research Results

Development of a High-Power Flexible Thermoelectric Module

AIST has developed a high-power flexible thermoelectric module. The developed thermoelectric material is a transition metal-doped bismuth-tellurium alloy. Thermoelectric chips were produced from an ingot of the material and a flexible thermoelectric module was built by mounting the chips at high density on a flexible substrate. The developed module allows to be adhered to heat sources with curved surfaces and can be used for a variety of power generation applications using waste heat.


Developed high-power flexible thermoelectric module

Development of a simpler, faster and more accurate method of measuring the Seebeck coefficient of thermoelectric materials

AIST has developed a simplified method of measuring the Seebeck coefficient. In the method, both direct and alternating currents are supplied to the sample, and temperature changes in the sample and the voltage at both ends of the sample are measured. The Seebeck coefficient is calculated using a newly derived analysis equation. Compared to the conventional method, the measurement time has been reduced by 90 % and its accuracy has been improved five-fold. The method is expected to be used for searching for new materials.


New methods for measuring the Seebeck coefficient

Research Unit

Research Institute for Physical Measurement
Research Institute for Material and Chemical Measurement

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