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Development, dissemination, and use promotion of measurement standards and development of standards-related measurement technologies

As the national metrology institute (NMI), we are focusing on the development and dissemination of measurement standards, promotion of measurement standards utilization, development of measurement technologies related to measurement standards, legal metrology work and training of experts. Our activity covers engineering, physical, material, and chemical measurement standards. It also covers development of measurement and analytical instrumentation. We also coordinate international activities on metrology standards as a national representative.


New Research Results

Real-time Observation of Atomic Motion at Solid-Liquid Interfaces

AIST has developed a high-speed method (~100 times faster than conventional methods) for measuring X-ray diffraction profiles from interfaces by using multi-wavelength X-rays generated from synchrotron radiation x-rays and a bent crystal. Using this method, real-time observation of interface structure in less than one second was realized. By applying this method to the electrolysis of methanol, it was found that a significant increase in reaction activity occurred simultaneously with the removal of a reaction intermediate adsorbed on the electrode surface.


Developed surface X-ray diffraction measurement

Development of Technology to Easily Detect Defects in Crystals from Transmission Electron Microscope Images

AIST has developed a defect detection technology that can easily detect atomic level defects in a large field of view of a transmission electron microscope image of crystal structures, by applying an image processing technique called the sampling Moiré method. The Moiré fringe pattern can be digitally generated from the atomic array image by treating the atomic arrangement as a grid. Dislocations can be easily detected from the Moiré fringe pattern because dislocations result in discontinuity in the Moiré fringes.


Schematic diagrams of the technology for visualizing dislocations from transmission electron microscope images

Research Unit

Research Institute for Engineering Measurement
Research Institute for Physical Measurement
Research Institute for Material and Chemical Measurement
Center for Quality Management of Metrology

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