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Development, dissemination, and use promotion of measurement standards and development of standards-related measurement technologies

As the national metrology institute (NMI), we are focusing on the development and dissemination of measurement standards, promotion of measurement standards utilization, development of measurement technologies related to measurement standards, legal metrology work and training of experts. Our activity covers engineering, physical, material, and chemical measurement standards. It also covers development of measurement and analytical instrumentation. We also coordinate international activities on metrology standards as a national representative.


New Research Results

Mystery of the Emission Mechanism of Materials for Next-Generation Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Unveiled!

AIST has elucidated the emission mechanism of the materials for next-generation organic light-emitting diodes, namely thermally activated delayed fluorescent materials, using an advanced spectroscopic technique developed by AIST. The materials were designed and developed by Kyushu University. A group of molecules with high emission efficiency has a characteristic molecular structure. The spectroscopic technique used will be sophisticated further to observe the emission process in detail.


Schematics of conventional and elucidated emission mechanisms

The World’s First Development of “Photon Microscope” based on Single Photon Spectroscopy with Superconducting Photosensor

AIST has developed the world’s first “photon microscope” which can observe clear color images using a superconducting photosensor developed by AIST, even with extremely weak light that cannot be observed with conventional optical microscopes. Weak light from a measuring point of a sample is collected, and directed to the sensor using an optical fiber. Each photon is detected and its wavelength is measured with the superconducting photosensor. The color of the measuring point is identified from the number of photons and their wavelengths detected in a fixed time. The sample is scanned to obtain a color image.


Outline of the developed photon microscope

Research Unit

Research Institute for Engineering Measurement
Research Institute for Physical Measurement
Research Institute for Material and Chemical Measurement
Center for Quality Management of Metrology

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