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Development, dissemination, and use promotion of measurement standards and development of standards-related measurement technologies

As the national metrology institute (NMI), we are focusing on the development and dissemination of measurement standards, promotion of measurement standards utilization, development of measurement technologies related to measurement standards, legal metrology work and training of experts. Our activity covers engineering, physical, material, and chemical measurement standards. It also covers development of measurement and analytical instrumentation. We also coordinate international activities on metrology standards as a national representative.


New Research Results

Development of Material Measurement Technology to Drive Expansion of Millimeter-wave High-speed Wireless Communication

AIST has developed a resonator with ultra-fine coaxial lines to increase the upper limit frequency of a resonator for permittivity measurement by 1.5 times. It also developed an analysis method for deriving the permittivity from the obtained resonance characteristics, and realized more precise evaluation compared to conventional methods.


Developed balanced-type circular-disk resonator (left) and comparison of permittivity analysis methods (right)

High Precision Measurement of the Thickness of Silicon Wafers

AIST has developed a double-sided interferometer for thickness measurement that can measure the thickness of a silicon wafer without being affected by the refractive index inside the wafer. The intereferometer uses only front surface reflected light to measure the surface shape on both sides of the sample and determine the thickness.


The developed double-sided interferometer for thickness measurement

Research Unit

Research Institute for Physical Measurement
Research Institute for Material and Chemical Measurement

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