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Photos in Science Square TSUKUBA
Measures to coronavirus infection
For visitors
  • Please refrain from visiting the exhibition room if you are in poor physical condition. If you have a fever over 37.5 ℃, we will prohibit your entry.
  • All visitors must pre-register in order to limit the number of visitors per time zone.
  • Please wear a face mask during your visit to the exhibition room.
At the exhibition room
  • We put hand sanitizer dispensers on entrance. Please use sanitizer and wash your hands regularly during your entry, visit and exit.
  • Please keep a social distance from other visitors when waiting in line.
  • All staff wears a face mask when meeting visitors.
  • To prevent the infection, some exhibits and facilities are suspended or subject to change in operation.
  • Considering the requests from the government and prefectures, please refrain from visiting Science Square Tsukuba from target prefectures of the state of emergency or semi emergency declaration to prevent the spread of coronavirus.(2021/04/14 Update)
About personal information
  • Please note that your name, address and contact details are required for booking.
  • This personal information shall be used for inquiries from public health centers etc. in order to identify the route of infection when infection with the new coronavirus occurs, and will not be used for any other purpose.

Showroom of "industrial technology", Science Square TSUKUBA.

How will science and technology which constantly progress change our future?
One can see a glimpse of how the advanced science and technology that are researched at AIST will contribute to a bright society of the future.
It is no exaggeration to say that our lives are supported by science and technology. AIST is engaged in research in various fields for a future in which everyone can live a good life using science that advances daily and maintaining harmony with the environment.
Science Square is a showroom of "industrial technology" where research and research results of AIST are presented in an easy to understand manner.

Innovation Zone

Picture of Innovation Zone

Wonders of Science

Picture of Wonders of Science
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