Greeting from the Director

 -Promoting Life Technology-
Director General,
AIST Tokyo Waterfront

 AIST Tokyo Waterfront is one of the research bases of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), and was established here at the Tokyo Academic Park in Waterfront when AIST was restructured in 2001.

High-caliber researchers gather here from Japan and abroad to carry out innovative research over a wide spectrum, ranging from basic to industrial aspects, taking full advantage of advanced new experimental equipment  and various research databases. In particular, we promote ‘Life Technologies’ that lead to safe and healthy living. Focusing on a fusion of bio- and information technologies, cutting-edge R&D is conducted on topics including the medical use of genomic data, development of a rational drug discovery process utilizing robotics and computational biology, drug discovery through screening the world’s largest library of natural compounds, digitization of human functions and behaviors, artificial intelligence research to extract value from big data, and advanced cryptography for secure communication.
In addition to national projects, we also promote public–private partnerships. One example of this is R&D into fuel cells towards the goal set according to the national roadmap. Our location in Tokyo also allows us to be proactive in various other types of collaboration, technology transfer, fostering of young researchers, and outreach activities.
Through these activities, under the spirit of the AIST charter ‘Full Research in Society, for Society’, AIST Tokyo Waterfront will continue to contribute both to strengthening the competitiveness of existing industries and to the creation of new industries.