Greeting from the Director

 -Towards the global COE of AI research and its fusion research with biotechnology and manufacturing technology-
yokoi kazuhito
Director General,
AIST Tokyo Waterfront
Dr. YOKOI Kazuhito

 AIST Tokyo Waterfront, one of the research bases of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), was established here at the Tokyo Academic Park in Waterfront when AIST was restructured in 2001. After that, Bio-IT Research Building and Cyber-Physical-System Research Facility were built in 2005 and 2018 respectively to expand as the only research base locating at Tokyo metropolitan areas in AIST. 

We have long promoted integrated research of information technology (IT) and life technology. Now, following the recent surge of interest in artificial intelligence (AI), we began to emphasize research related to AI-technology to make advantage of location at Tokyo central area, and to tackle its fusion research with the biotechnology and manufacturing technology for its real-world application. Currently, Tokyo Waterfront is transforming itself into a global Center of Excellence (COE) of AI research with close collaboration with industries and universities. 
As a result, Tokyo Waterfront became the second largest research base, next to Tsukuba, in about ten research bases of AIST in the number of the researchers. Also Tokyo Waterfront is now the most active international and cooperative research bases in AIST, as it attracts more industry and university researchers as well as international researchers comparing with the average of the whole research institute in AIST.  In addition, we are still actively developing activities such as joint research and collaboration with companies and universities, training of next-generation human resources, setting up exhibition facilities for research results and so on, by utilizing the merits as a research base located in Tokyo. Through these activities, under the spirit of AIST Charter’s philosophy of “Full Research in Society, for Society”. AIST Waterfront will contribute industrial competitiveness and creation of new industry in Japan.