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For Intensive Industry-Academia-
Public Collaboration in Kyushu

Director-General, AIST Kyushu Dr.Michiru SAKAMOTO
Director-General, AIST Kyushu

 “Contribution to the sustainable development of our society through advanced industrial technology” is the fundamental concept of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology(AIST), embodied in our daily endeavor of cutting-edge R&D. The core challenge of the 3rd Medium Term Plan from the fiscal year 2010 is focused to “reinforce our function as the hub of regional stimulus measures.” Specifically, it means “the promotion of the highest level R&D to sustain the competence of regional economy” and “The enhancement of technological support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their human resources development.”

 AIST Kyushu aims to contribute to activate regional industry as the front point of contact to All-AIST for the Kyushu region through our 2 functions of “Research Base” and “Collaboration Base”

 In Kyushu, manufacturing industries of semi-conductors, automobiles and their affiliated businesses are assembled and integrated. AIST Kyushu, as “Research Base” of AIST, comprises a research center to pursue R&D in order to contribute to such regional industries. The research center is Measurement Solution Research Center within AIST Kyushu in Tosu, aiming to offer new measurement solutions useful in improving quality and productivity, ensuring security, and protecting environment at the manufacturing sites of semi-conductor industry, etc.

 Kyushu Collaboration Center extends positive activities, in industry-academia-public collaboration, as a hub function of the “Collaboration Base”. Particularly, On-site Sensing and Diagnosis System Consortium plays a significant role in various cases of industry-academia-public collaboration, to identify technological needs of manufacturing industries in Kyushu focused on semi-conductor, and to settle them. Also, it positively promotes activities in wide area collaboration among prefectural industrial technology centers in Kyushu and Okinawa. Besides, in collaboration with the Research Center for Photovoltaic Technologies in AIST Tsukuba, it has begun a new project to establish a performance and reliability evaluation base for large-scale photovoltaic modules, to be implemented in collaboration with the industry.

 Through such efforts and other activities such as lectures, meetings for interface exchanges and communications, AIST Kyushu contributes to the industry in Kyushu acting on behalf of all of AIST.

AIST Kyushu

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