Charter and Gender Equality

Full Research in Society, for Society

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST),
An Independent Administrative Institution

The common goal of humankind is to realize a society in which every person can enjoy a comfortable life. Science and technology can lead the way to such a society. The mission entrusted to AIST and its staff, as members of the scientific community, is to develop science and technology that complements society and the environment.

We, the staff members of AIST, recognize our mission and responsibility to society. We work towards the realization of such a society through research and development in industrial science and technology.

  • Accurate Assessment of Social Trends

    We endeavor to ascertain social trends and needs at every level of society from local communities to the international stage, to identify key issues promptly, and to propose scientific and technological solutions in collaboration with other organizations.
  • Creation of Knowledge and Technology

    We value each person's autonomy and creativity and display our collective strength through collaboration and synergy, creating new knowledge and innovative technology based on advanced research efforts.
  • Application of Research Findings

    We contribute to Japan's industrial development by applying our research findings to academic pursuits, intellectual infrastructure development, technology transfer, and policy proposals. We endeavor to enhance and disseminate science and technology through human resources development and the open sharing of information.
  • Responsible Conduct

    We are actively involved in improving our own abilities and our working environment in order to perform our duties more effectively. We respect both the letter and the spirit of the law and maintain a strict sense of ethics in all our affairs.

Declaration of AIST Gender Equality

Declaration of AIST Gender Equality

We believe
that research becomes more fruitful and beneficial to the society when
diversity is introduced in the work environment.

We organize AIST as an institute
where an individual can display his/her own unique abilities.

Therefore, in addition to the improvement of the management system,
we promote the participation of AIST staff, especially female researchers,
in the science field along with their involvement in various social activities.

February 10, 2006

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology


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