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Understanding and living with the Earth

Geological information is essential for a country like Japan, located at a tectonically active area, to ensure a safe and secure society. The Geological Survey of Japan gathers, compiles, and provides geological information and promotes its wider use. We also develop technologies to overcome various difficulties related to global environment protection, exploration of minerals and energy resources, and natural disaster mitigation, and coordinate international cooperation as a national representative.


New Research Results

Aiming to Probe for Buried Vehicles Using a Drone After Landslides

AIST has developed a system to probe from the air for vehicles buried by landslides. The system consists of a drone and an electromagnetic prospecting sensor. It is capable of both comprehensive probing in automatic flight and precise probing in manual flight. AIST conducted verification tests on an experiment site where vehicles were actually buried, and succeeded in identifying the position of a buried vehicle.


Aerial measurements using drone-suspended electromagnetic prospecting system (left) and sensors (right)

Complete Revision of the Web-Based Geological Map of Japan

AIST has completely revised the 1:200,000 Seamless Geological Map of Japan that seamlessly shows geological information on all regions of Japan and has been available for viewing on our website since 2005. As the rocks and strata classification principle has changed, the legends were revised based on the latest geological knowledge. The number of legends has increased to more than 2400, and more detailed information can be shown on the map. The new legends have been systematized and structured hierarchically. As a result, the way in which the geological map is displayed can be changed to suit a purpose or use.


The revised 1:200,000 Seamless Geological Map of Japan

Research Unit

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