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Understanding and living with the Earth

Geological information is essential for a country like Japan, located at a tectonically active area, to ensure a safe and secure society. The Geological Survey of Japan gathers, compiles, and provides geological information and promotes its wider use. We also develop technologies to overcome various difficulties related to global environment protection, exploration of minerals and energy resources, and natural disaster mitigation, and coordinate international cooperation as a national representative.


New Research Results

A comprehensive Asian geoscience data sharing system is officially launched and made accessible online worldwide

AIST has developed a comprehensive sharing system of Asian geoscience data among the member countries of the Coordinating Committee for Geoscience Programs in East and Southeast Asia (CCOP). Geoscience information, such as geological disaster, environment and natural resources, is made highly accessible.


Conceptual diagram of the CCOP Geological Information Sharing Project

Unraveling the Mystery of Crustal Deformation of the Japanese Islands

Thought experiments in combination with analogue models have elucidated the cause of the east-west contraction and crustal deformation of the Japanese islands in the Quaternary Period. It was concluded that the cause of the east-west contraction is not movement of the Pacific Plate itself, as conventionally thought, but rather movement of the Philippine Sea Plate.


Conceptual diagram of the dynamic framework in crustal deformation of the Japanese islands

Research Unit

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