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Since its establishment, under its slogan of bringing “technology to society, AIST has been engaging in world class research and development across a wide range of fields, bridging the gap to industry in order to connect research results to commercialization, and contributing to the creation of innovation in Japanese corporations. Here research results that have attracted attention in the past year are selected as “Research Highlights” from research results created through these efforts.

  • Research Highlights 1
    Toward a New Era of Electric Propulsion System for Airplanes, Significant Progress in Superconducting Wire
    Research Highlights 1
  • Research Highlights 2
    Nanometer-scale Observation of Living Cells
    Research Highlights 2
  • Research Highlights 3
    Assist in Infrastructure Inspection! AI Collaborating with Humans
    Research Highlights 3
  • Research Highlights 4
    Electromagnetic Wave Shielding by Paint Using Carbon Nanotubes
    Research Highlights 4
  • Research Highlights 5
    High Strength, High Ductility and High Flame-Retardance! Flame-Retardant Magnesium Alloy Opens a Path for Future Railway Vehicles
    Research Highlights 5
  • Research Highlights 6
    A Sensor Sheet Capable of Detecting Deterioration of a Bridge Just by Sticking Has Been Developed
    Research Highlights 6
  • Research Highlights 7
    Complete Revision of the Web-Based Geological Map of Japan
    Research Highlights 7
  • Research Highlights 8
    Rapid Development of Insecticide Resistance in Pests via Symbiotic Bacteria
    Research Highlights 8
  • Research Highlights 9
    "Photon Microscope" Capable of Observing Cells with Weak Light
    Research Highlights 9
  • Research Highlights 10
    Contribution to Determining the Planck Constant Used as the New Definition for the Unit of Mass, "kilogram"
    Research Highlights 10

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    You can search for research results of AIST.
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    Databases of research information provide access to research data of substances, chemical accidents, and geological information.
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    The database for research result presentations (RRPDB) is a database which covers various research result presentations of AIST.

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