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Greetings from the Director, Renewable Energy Research Center

Director, Renewable Energy Research Center
Hirohide Furutani
Renewable Energy Research Center

 The Renewable Energy Research Center (RENRC) is a research unit engaged in R&D of renewable energy technologies in FREA. The research center conducts a wide variety of research activities from basic research to system demonstration upon innovative technologies for reduction of power generation cost, large-scale low-cost energy storage and flexible electricity grid and upon database for proper deployment of renewable energy. RENRC consists of seven research teams (Photovoltaic Power Team, Wind Power Team, Hydrogen Energy Carrier Team, H2 and Heat Utilization System Team, Geothermal Energy Team, Shallow Geothermal and Hydrogeology Team and Energy Network Team).
As an international innovation hub for renewable energy, RENRC also promotes collaboration with domestic and international research organizations, and contribute to the reconstruction of the disaster areas for Tohoku regions through the development of industrial clustering and human resources.


Renewable Energy Research Initiative

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