Greetings from the President

Chubachi RyojiThe National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has been pursuing research under the slogan of bringing “technology to society” since it was established as an independent administrative research institute in 2001.

As a national research institution newly designated on April 1, 2015, it is expected to show technology and engineering guidelines to Japanese industry and society and to contribute to solving issues with its scientific and technological capabilities.

In order to respond to the expectations of industry and society, AIST must push ahead with research activities of the world’s highest level. We, more than ever, will focus on personnel development and strive to advance our research activities by collaborating closely with universities and research institutions in Japan and overseas.

There is also the need to bridge the gap between research outcomes and industry by transferring technology to promote commercialization, and to give the fruits of research to society. We strongly focus on activities to commercialize research outcomes working together with companies.

One of the most important issues for the Japanese economy is to revitalize regional industry and economy, and we believe there is a significant role that we should play. AIST, revolving around its 7 regional research bases and AIST Tsukuba, focuses on research and development fitted to the structure and technological seeds of regional industry and regional needs, and works to give the results to companies in the region.

AIST would like to play a core role in building a national system needed for Japan to continue to create innovation.

As a national research institution, AIST continues to do cutting-edge research and development, and through its activities and actual achievements, strives to be regarded as an appealing partner in business and research by companies and universities.

We hope for your continuous support and encouragement.

Chubachi Ryoji‚
President of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

March 1977 : Completed the doctoral course, Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University and received Doctor of Engineering
April 1977 : Joined Sony Corporation (Sony)
June 1999 : Corporate Vice President, Sony
June 2002 : Corporate Senior Vice President, Sony
June 2003 : Executive Vice President , Executive Officer, Sony
June 2004 : Executive Deputy President, Corporate Executive Officer and Chief Operation Officer, Sony
April 2005 : Electronics Chief Executive Officer, Sony
June 2005 :  President and Electronics Chief Executive Officer, Representative Corporate Executive Officer, Member of the Board, Sony
April 2009 :  Member of the Board, Representative Corporate Executive Officer, Vice Chairman, Sony
April 2013 : Appointed as President of AIST

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