AIST Kyushu



1964 ·Government Industrial Research Institute, Kyushu (GIRIK) was established.
1965 ·Research at GIRIK was started in Tosu.
1993 ·GIRIK was renamed into Kyushu National Industrial Research Institute (KNIRI).
2001 ·KNIRI was renamed into the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) , KNIRI.
2001 ·National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Kyushu (AIST Kyushu) was established.
·Kyushu Collaboration Center, Kyushu General Administration Office and Institute for Structural and Engineering Materials (Kyushu Center) were set up.
2002 ·Micro-space Chemistry Laboratory was set up.
·AIST Kyushu, Fukuoka Site was set up in Fukuoka.
2004 ·On-site Sensing and Diagnosis Research Laboratory was set up.
2006 ·Research Center for Hydrogen Industrial Use and Storage was set up at Fukuoka West Site in Fukuoka.
2007 ·Measurement Solution Research Center was set up.
2008 ·AIST Kyushu, Fukuoka Site moved to Gion Hakata-ku in Fukuoka.
2010 ·Collaborative Module-Reliability Research Team was set up.
2011 ·AIST Kyushu, Fukuoka Site moved to Hakataekihigashi Hakata-ku in Fukuoka.
2015 ·Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute(Kyushu Center) was set up.
2016 ·Research Center for Photovoltaics was set up.
2018 ·Minimal IoT Device Prototyping Laboratory was set up.