Department of Life Science and Biotechnology

Realizing a healthy, active, aged society and creating a sustainable society

A society in which people live a long life in good health and at ease, and a sustainable society with reduced environmental load is desired. We are contributing to life innovation by developing new technologies to evaluate health and to promote drug discovery, as well as to maintain, improve, and recover health according to individual conditions. We are also contributing to green innovation by developing technologies to reduce environmental loads using bioprocesses.


New Research Results

Identification of Ultraviolet Reflective Materials from Dragonflies

AIST found that adult males of the white-tailed skimmer dragonfly (Orthetrum albistylum) exhibit ultraviolet light reflectance and water repellency using secreted wax with a unique composition that differs from previously-known organismal waxes.


Change in body color and light reflectance during adult maturation of the dragonfly

Technology That Selectively Removes Antibody Aggregates and Suppresses Emergence of Aggregates While in Storage

AIST has developed an adsorbent that selectively removes antibody aggregates. The developed adsorbent contains a small artificial protein that selectively binds to antibodies with non-native conformation, so it can remove small aggregates and monomers with non-native conformation. The adsorbent has the effect of suppressing the emergence of new aggregates.


Suppression of new aggregates by removing the aggregate precursors

Research Unit

Open Innovation Laboratory

Since FY 2016, as a part of the “Open Innovation Arena concept” promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), AIST has created the concept of “open innovation laboratories” (OILs), collaborative research bases located on university campuses, and has been engaged in their provision. We are planning to establish more than ten OILs by FY 2020.

AIST will merge the basic research carried out at universities, etc. with AISTʼs goal-oriented basic research and applied technology development, and will promote bridging research and evelopment and industry by the establishment of OILs.

  • AIST-Waseda University Computational Bio Big-Data Open Innovation Laboratory (CBBD-OIL)
  • AIST-Osaka University Advanced Photonics and Biosensing Open Innovation Laboratory (PhotoBIO-OIL)

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