Department of Life Science and Biotechnology

Realizing a healthy, active, aged society and creating a sustainable society

A society in which people live a long life in good health and at ease, and a sustainable society with reduced environmental load is desired. We are contributing to life innovation by developing new technologies to evaluate health and to promote drug discovery, as well as to maintain, improve, and recover health according to individual conditions. We are also contributing to green innovation by developing technologies to reduce environmental loads using bioprocesses.


New Research Results

Practical Use of Artificial Teeth (Dentures) Made with 3D Printing Technology

AIST and IDS Co., Ltd. have developed technology that enables the production of artificial teeth using 3D printing technology. AIST researched the microstructure of additive manufacturing material, as well as the effects of the powder size and layering direction on durability, to determine the conditions necessary for practical use. IDS Co., Ltd. obtained pharmaceutical regulatory approval of a cobalt-chrome alloy powder.


Production of artificial teeth using 3D printing technology

Production of Euglena-derived Substances That Boost Secretion of a Weight-loss Hormone

AIST designed molecules that reduce blood cholesterol levels and has synthesized water-soluble derivatives of paramylon, a polysaccharide obtained from Euglena. When these derivatives were administered to obese model mice, the amount of visceral fat decreased, and weight increase was suppressed. The amount of insulin secreted to maintain blood sugar levels decreased, indicating that the symptoms associated with decreased insulin sensitivity may have been counteracted.


Cationic paramylon derivative obtained from Euglena

Research Unit

Open Innovation Laboratory

Since FY 2016, as a part of the “Open Innovation Arena concept” promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), AIST has created the concept of “open innovation laboratories” (OILs), collaborative research bases located on university campuses, and has been engaged in their provision. We are planning to establish more than ten OILs by FY 2020.

AIST will merge the basic research carried out at universities, etc. with AISTʼs goal-oriented basic research and applied technology development, and will promote bridging research and evelopment and industry by the establishment of OILs.

  • AIST-Waseda University Computational Bio Big-Data Open Innovation Laboratory (CBBD-OIL)
  • AIST-Osaka University Advanced Photonics and Biosensing Open Innovation Laboratory (PhotoBIO-OIL)

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