Introductory Video of FREA

FY2018 ver. Introductory Videos

Introduction of FREA

  • Cover of Introductory Video "The Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute, AIST (FY2016 ver.) "

    [ YouTube 12'00 ]
  • Cover of Smart System Research Facility "Smart System Research Facility"

    Cutting-Edge Research, Development and Evaluation for Large (Distributed Energy Resources) Systems
    [ YouTube 2'30 ]


Research Results

  • Cover of Research Result (Digest version) "Renewable Energy Institute, AIST (FREA)"

    FREA Pioneering the future of renewable energy based on five years of research results
    [ YouTube 16'00 ]
  • Cover of Photovoltaic Power Team "Capturing Abundant Solar Energy"

    High-Performance PV technology Based on Thin Crystalline Silicon
    [ YouTube 3'30 ]
  • Geothermal Energy Team "The Earth's Power"

    Technologies for Effective and Sustainable Use of Geothermal Resources
    [ YouTube 4'00 ]
  • Cover of Shallow Geothermal and Hydrogeology Team "Energy-Saving Using Ground Source Heat Energy"

    Suitability Assessment of a GSHP System and its System Optimization Technology
    [ YouTube 3'30 ]
  • Wind Power Team "Advanced Technology for Wind Power Generation"

    Advanced Technology for Wind Power Generation
    [ YouTube 3'30 ]
  • Cover of Hydrogen Energy Carrier Team "Storage and Transportation of Renewable Energy Using Hydrogen Energy Carriers"

    Production and Use Technology for Hydrogen Energy Carriers
    [ YouTube 3'00 ]
  • Cover of H2 and Heat Utilization System Team "Efficient Use of Renewable Energy through Hydrogen"

    Renewable Energy-derived Hydrogen Production
    [ YouTube 3'30 ]
  • Cover of Energy Network Team "Smart Distributed Energy Resources"
    Research, Verification and Standardization of Advanced Integration of Renewable DERs
    [ YouTube 3'30 ]