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New Research Results

SiC-based transistor 01/08/2019

Development of SiC-based Next Generation Transistor Structures
– Significant reduction of on-resistance, which is an index of transistor efficiency –

AIST has developed 1.2 kV withstand voltage class vertical super junction (SJ) MOSFETs that use semiconductor SiC and achieved the world's lowest on-resistance for a SiC transistor. The developed SJ-MOSFETs were also demonstrated to have superior high temperature characteristics and dynamic characteristics.


Dragonfly wax 01/09/2019

Identification of Ultraviolet Reflective Materials from Dragonflies
– Strong ultraviolet light reflectance and water repellency reproduced by chemical synthesis of the main wax components secreted by dragonflies –

AIST found that adult males of the white-tailed skimmer dragonfly (Orthetrum albistylum) exhibit ultraviolet light reflectance and water repellency using secreted wax with a unique composition that differs from previously-known organismal waxes.


Robot guidebook 01/16/2020

Start of Free Distribution of "Long-term Care Robot Development Guidebook"
– Publication of final products of AMED project to promote the Development and Introduction of Robotic Devices for Long-term Care (Standard Formulation and Evaluation Project) –

"Long-term Care Robot Development Guidebook" and related documents were created and free distribution started from September 10, 2018. The guidebook mainly targets long-term care robot developers, and systematically summarizes information such as safety design and testing methods for development of long-term care robots.


Wastewater treatment 01/17/2020

An Industrial Method for Treatment of Carbon Nanotube Wastewater Using a Hypochlorite Compound
– Contributing to safe and secure industrialization of carbon nanotubes –

AIST has developed a method to remove carbon nanotubes (CNTs) from industrial wastewate. To treat a CNT-dispersed solution, a solution of sodium hypochlorite (1.25%) was added and the temperature was maintained at 37°C. The CNT-dispersion became completely clear in 96 hours, indicating the CNTs were removed.


Conductive film 01/10/2019

Realization of a Highly Conductive Coating Film Simply by Adding an Additive to Carbon Nanotubes
– Enabling a significant reduction in fabrication time and improving applicability to curved surfaces –

AIST has developed a method for fabricating a transparent conductive film simply by applying a carbon nanotube dispersion liquid. This film features high conductivity comparable to that of metal particles and good durability, such as flexibility, elasticity, and resistance to high temperatures and humidity.


Potassium-ion batteries 12/25/2019

A comprehensive Asian geoscience data sharing system is officially launched and made accessible online worldwide
– CCOP Geoinformation Sharing Infrastructure for East and Southeast Asia (GSi) Project –

AIST has developed a comprehensive sharing system of Asian geoscience data among the member countries of the Coordinating Committee for Geoscience Programs in East and Southeast Asia (CCOP). Geoscience information, such as geological disaster, environment and natural resources, is made highly accessible.


Millimeter wave 01/20/2020

Development of Material Measurement Technology to Drive Expansion of Millimeter-wave High-speed Wireless Communication
– Realizing high-precision permittivity measurement in an ultra-wide band up to 170 GHz –

AIST has developed a resonator with ultra-fine coaxial lines to increase the upper limit frequency of a resonator for permittivity measurement by 1.5 times. It also developed an analysis method for deriving the permittivity from the obtained resonance characteristics, and realized more precise evaluation compared to conventional methods.


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