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New Research Results

Nanocomposite 04/23/2019

Control of Mesochannels in Graphene-Mesoporous Silica Nanocomposite
– Control of depth and diameter of perpendicularly-oriented mesochannels –

AIST developed a technique that makes it possible to control the diameter and depth of mesochannels oriented perpendicularly to the graphene surfaces in a sandwich-type graphene-mesoporous silica nanocomposite. The composite is formed by growing porous silica on both sides of a graphene sheet. The diameter and depth of the silica channels can be controlled. The nanocomposite is expected to be used in applications including molecular sieve sensing and drug delivery systems.


16S rRNA gene 03/28/2019

Experimental Verification of the Evolutionary Neutrality of the 16S rRNA Gene, an Indicator for Evolutionary Taxonomy
– Another important finding is also relevant to consideration of the gene’s fitness as an indicator –

AIST and Hokkaido University conducted comparative analysis of the functions of 16S rRNA found in the ribosomes of two distinct bacteria. It was found that the majority of the sequence differences between the analyzed 16S rRNA genes did not result in a significant effect on functions. This outcome provides the first-ever experimental demonstration that the 16S rRNA gene fulfill the condition of evolutionary neutrality, which is a basic requirement for use as a molecular clock in evolutionary phylogenic analysis.


Robot service 06/04/2019

New JIS as Safety Standards for Robot Services Established
- Effort for dissemination of robot services in a safe and secure manner -

The safety of robots should be secured for achieving the safe coexistence of people and robots. AIST and others compiled requirements that operators of robot services or robot service providers should observe in operating service robots in a safe manner. The requirements were established as JIS Y 1001, which is the first JIS in the service industry established under the Revised Industrial Standardization Act. It is expected that industries taking advantage of the JIS will be able to contribute to dissemination of robot services.


Mesoporous material 04/15/2019

Synthesis of Diverse Mesoporous Materials by Controlling the Reactivity of Starting Chemicals
– Potential as a mesoscale vessel, with surface property modified pores, for chemical reactions –

An organic-inorganic hybrid mesoporous material with stable and hydrophilic surfaces was synthesized by controlling the reactivity through partial substitution of the four ester groups in 1,4-benzenephosphonate ester with low-reactive hydroxyl groups. The introduction of benzene rings enabled the addition of amino groups and sulfonate groups. In addition, it was possible to create diverse mesoporous materials with hydrophilic surfaces that can be modified through substitution of aluminum with titanium and vanadium.


Optical path network 04/09/2019

Actual Operation of New Optical Network Using Silicon Photonics Has Begun
– Potential includes realizing practical use of ultra-high-definition, ultra-low-latency video services –

AIST has built a testbed of a dynamic optical path network and started actual operation. The testbed employs existing unused optical fiber facilities in Tokyo. It is a circuit-switching optical network that establishes an optical path between any users based on a request. To accommodate a large number of users, many high-performance optical switches are needed. AIST has resolved many issues of the optical switches, and this has enabled AIST to realize actual operation of the testbed for the first time.


Crustal deformation 07/26/2018

Unraveling the Mystery of Crustal Deformation of the Japanese Islands
– Movement of the Philippine Sea Plate causes the east-west contraction –

Thought experiments in combination with analogue models have elucidated the cause of the east-west contraction and crustal deformation of the Japanese islands in the Quaternary Period. It was concluded that the cause of the east-west contraction is not movement of the Pacific Plate itself, as conventionally thought, but rather movement of the Philippine Sea Plate.


Atomic motion 05/13/2019

Real-time Observation of Atomic Motion at Solid-Liquid Interfaces
– Expected to elucidate solid-liquid interfacial phenomena related to the performance of fuel cells and secondary batteries –

AIST has developed a high-speed method (~100 times faster than conventional methods) for measuring X-ray diffraction profiles from interfaces by using multi-wavelength X-rays generated from synchrotron radiation x-rays and a bent crystal. Using this method, real-time observation of interface structure in less than one second was realized. By applying this method to the electrolysis of methanol, it was found that a significant increase in reaction activity occurred simultaneously with the removal of a reaction intermediate adsorbed on the electrode surface.


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