AIST Stories

AIST Stories No3 front page

- From AIST to the Innovative World -

How are the research findings of AIST linked to society? What discoveries and challenges were there in the R&D processes? And what potential do we think is hidden in our research findings? This publication aims to answer these questions by getting researchers involved in development including those currently engaged in R&D to talk directly about our research findings.

AIST’s research findings are not only related to science and technology in the distant future. Findings that are already utilized in familiar places, and those for which technology transfer will become possible with a little more effort, also exist. Through this publication, we hope that readers who may not be researchers will become interested in AIST, and also feel close to AIST. Moreover, we hope that you will come and take a look at our research facilities and thereby form a real bond with AIST.

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