2016 Research Highlights, Security Proof of Biometric Digital Signatures (Fuzzy Signatures)


Hitachi, Ltd. proposed the concept of Public Biometrics Infrastructure (PBI). PBI is an infrastructure for enabling biometric information, which is important personal data, to be used in various services and applications while ensuring its security. Based on the concept of PBI, Hitachi, Ltd. also proposed new biometric authentication systems and a foundational theory for these. AIST succeeded in providing rigorous cryptographic proofs of security for their biometric authentication systems. These results led to the first commercialization of related products.

Photo: Awardees
(Matsuda, Hanaoka, Murakami, and Takahashi(Hitachi,Ltd.))

New Results

Amid hopes that more and more services using the Individual Number system or medical information are provided on the Internet, secure and easy-to-use biometric authentication systems for a common information infrastructure were developed to support these.


The DOCOMO Mobile Science Award rewards achievements such as excellent research papers and results, with the aim of encouraging young researchers and further development of mobile communications in Japan. The Advanced Technology Award of Excellence rewards advanced technologies related to mobile communications, which contribute to the development of the mobile communication field through excellent R&D and publication of results that deserve high praise.

Future Plan and Potential Applications

Hitachi Group commercialized a system service based on the PBI and several financial institutions have decided to adopt it. It is expected that the establishment of a common authentication infrastructure enabling empty-handed authentication will lead to the realization of a society where anyone can conveniently, safely, and securely access financial, government, public, and other services whenever needed.


Goichiro Hanaoka, Leader, Group   Takao Murakami, Researcher   Takahiro Matsuda, Researcher  
Advanced Cryptography Research Group, Information Technology Research Institute

Goichiro Hanaoka, Leader, Group (left), Takao Murakami, Researcher (center), Takahiro Matsuda, Researcher (right)

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