2015 Research Highlights, Carbon nanotube mass production plant operating by the super-growth method

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Zeon Corporation has completed and started operating the world’s first mass production plant for carbon nanotubes (CNTs) using the super-growth (SG) method developed by AIST.


The SG method enables high speed, large quantity synthesis, and CNTs made with the SG method have a higher aspect ratio, higher purity, and large surface area compared to conventional CNTs, There are great expectations that this material can be applied to new materials and next generation devices with functions and features never before seen. Because it can be applied to innovative materials and devices such as high performance capacitors, high performance rubber materials, and high thermal conductivity materials, it is expected that demand for this CNT will grow.

Zeon Corporation started mass production in November 2015.



Kenji Hata, Director, Research Center  
Kenji Hata
Director, Research Center
CNT-Application Research Center

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