AIST Tsukuba Access (How to get to the AIST Tsukuba from Tokyo Station by Highway Bus)

When you arrive at the Tokyo Station, please ask the way to the Yaesu South Exit (In Japanese is “Yaesu Minami-guchi”).
If you have any trouble in finding it, please show the Japanese sentence below.

(Where is the Yaesu-South Exit?)

You can buy a ticket from an auto-ticket-machine near the Yaesu-South Exit or from a bus driver when you get on. A one-way ticket costs 1,150 yen.
Then leave the station building, and proceed to the JR highway bus terminal.

(Where is the bus stop for Tsukuba Center?)

Take a bus for “Tsukuba Center” or “Tsukuba Daigaku (Tsukuba University) ” from bus stop #5. Please note that buses for “Hitachi Station” depart at the same stop, #5. Green line marked on pavement is the line for Tsukuba Center and Tsukuba Daigaku. The destination signs are on the front of the bus and right side of the door. Busses to Tsukuba Center or Tsukuba Daigaku depart every 20-30 minutes. The bus goes straight to Tsukuba City, and stops at the following stops.

  1. Shimo Hirooka
  2. Namiki Ohashi
  3. Namiki 2-chome “namiki nì-chomé” (AIST Tsukuba Central)
  4. Namiki 1-chome “namiki i'-chomé” (AIST Tsukuba East)
  5. Sengen 1-chome
  6. Takezono 2-chome
  7. Tsukuba Center (bus terminal)
  8. Tsukuba Daigaku Byoin (University Hospital)
  9. Daigaku Kaikan (University Hall)
  10. Tsukuba Daigaku (Tsukuba University)

Shortly after the bus exits the highway, the bus driver will make an announcement. Please push the button above your seat to notify the driver that you would like to get off the bus at the next stop.

For AIST Tsukuba Central :

Get off the bus at Namiki 2-chome. Turn left, walk to the first light and turn right. This is the main gate of AIST Tsukuba Central. On the left side, there is a small guard booth. Please ask the guard for directions to the place that you would like to visit.

For AIST Tsukuba East :

Get off the bus at Namiki 1-chome. Turn left, walk to the first light and turn left (cross roads). Walk for a while, and the main gate of AIST Tsukuba East is on the right side. Please ask the guard for directions to the place that you would like to visit.

For AIST Tsukuba West :

Get off the bus at Tsukuba Center (bus terminal).

  1. Public bus
    Take the kanto Tetsudo bus going to “Hitachino Ushiku” from platform #4 at Tsukuba Bus Terminal. Get off at “Kisho Kenkyusho”, and walk 1 minute to AIST Tsukuba West.
  2. Taxi
    Take a taxi at Tsukuba Bus Terminal. It takes approximately 15 minutes and it costs about 1,500 yen.
    *If you have any trouble communicating in Japanese with taxi drivers, please show them the Japanese sentence below.
    (Please take me to the AIST Tsukuba West.)
  3. AIST shuttle bus (operated on weekdays)
    Take a free AIST shuttle bus from platform #9 or #10 at Tsukuba Bus Terminal. Please note that not all buses stop at AIST Tsukuba West and the shuttle buses are small vehicles and they may not carry all visitors.

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