How to get to AIST Tsukuba from Haneda Airport

After arriving at the Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal, one of the most practical means to reach Tsukuba is by limousine bus. Tickets need to be purchased at the Keihin Kyuko Bus Ticket Sales Counter or vending machine at Haneda Airport  International Passenger Terminal before boarding. They pick up passengers at Bus Stop No. 9. The timetable of the limousine service is as follows.

Revised: 10/01/2018

Haneda Airport International Terminal
09:20 11:10 14:45 15:55 17:45 19:05 20:45 21:55

It takes approximately 120 minutes to Tsukuba (depending on traffic conditions), and it costs 1,850 yen for a one-way ticket. Get off at “Tsukuba Center,” then you can take a public bus, a taxi, or an AIST shuttle bus at Tsukuba Center bus terminal. 

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