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AIST's mission is to continuously create outstanding technology and bring it to society. Recently, business opportunities that have expanded across the world's industrial structures have also been rapidly changing, as can be seen in trans-boundary alliances and the appearance of new types of business. As a result of globalization, issues that were previously recognized at local levels, including environmental pollution, the depletion of energy resources, the rapid growth and aging of populations, and infectious diseases, are now becoming global issues. In order to accomplish our mission under such economic conditions, a global perspective is essential.

AIST actively promotes collaborative work with leading companies, research institutions, and universities worldwide. AIST believes its important role for the future is to contribute to innovation driven by science and technology, which will lead to the creation of new value, not only benefitting Japan and partner countries, but also moving towards the sustainable development of the world.

Driving Force for Innovation

AIST is one of the major research and innovation hubs where there is a higher potential for creating new business opportunities. AIST, with its high performance in cutting-edge research and its status as a public institution, has successfully forged closer ties with companies in a wide range of business fields through the formation of consortia, specific joint research, technical consulting and so forth.

AIST has also been concluding comprehensive agreements with preeminent research institutions and universities worldwide to conduct joint research and the exchange of researchers in mutually beneficial fields. In addition, AIST strives to build international cooperative relationships between academia and industry through its global research network, and to contribute to the development of related countries by responding to their priority issues.

For Successful Collaboration

  • In order to achieve fruitful collaboration, AIST offers various collaboration models such as technology consulting, commissioned research and joint research.
  • If you have questions about collaborating with AIST, please feel free to contact us. 

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title image:our innovation changes the world

PAN-based Carbon Fiber
CFRP accounts for 50%
of the overall airframe structure mass in Boeing B787

Technology to society—the foundation of AIST’s innovation model

PAN-based Carbon Fiber

Seal Type Therapeutic Robot, PARO
The world’s
only therapeutic robot

Hugging a pet and talking to it puts one’s heart at ease. A robot that delivers these effects is attracting attention from medical institutions in Japan and abroad.

Seal Type Therapeutic Robot, PARO

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