Recruitment Information for Cooperative Research Laboratory

Link Image:Recruitment Information of Information Technology and Human Factors.

Type C (Specially appointed position) 
Entry ID Title JREC-IN Portal
ITH-11 Research on AI Logistics Systems and Solutions https://jrecin.jst.go.jp/seek/JorDetail?fn=3&id=D117041149&ln_jor=1
ITH-12 Researches in Cyber Security for IoT Systems https://jrecin.jst.go.jp/seek/JorDetail?fn=3&id=D117041153&ln_jor=1
ITH-13 Integration of Simulation and Artificial Intelligence Technologies https://jrecin.jst.go.jp/seek/JorDetail?fn=3&id=D117041157&ln_jor=1

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