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Pollution estimation models 01/26/2016

Release of an Atmospheric Model and a River Model Which Can Deal with Chemical Leak Accidents– Enabling assessment of short term pollution situations and estimation of concentration in worst case scenarios –

New features were added to the previously released “Atmospheric Dispersion Model for Exposure and Risk Assessment,” ADMER, and the “Standardized Hydrology-based Assessment Tool for Chemical Exposure Load,” SHANEL, and new versions were released. In ADMER Ver. 3.0, the researchers improved functionality to estimate concentrations of chemicals at higher time resolution of 4 hours intervals than the previous 1 month, and in SHANEL Ver. 3.0, they improved the temporal resolution from monthly to daily, and improved spatial resolution 16 times over the previous model. The addition of these functions enabled estimation of short term pollution situations by chemicals, and impact assessment assuming chemical leak accidents.


Symbiont acquisition mechanism 10/30/2015

Elucidation of the Unique Mechanism for Symbiont Acquisition in Stink Bugs, a Group of Notorious Pest Insect
– Stink bugs screen symbiotic bacteria inside the gut –

AIST, in collaboration with Hokkaido University, the Open University of Japan, National Institute for Agro-Environmental Science, and Pusan National University, has shown that stink bugs, known as agricultural pests, select only a specific symbiotic bacterium among various bacteria ingested with food by the narrow segment developing in their gastrointestinal tract, and take the bacterium into their symbiotic organ. The present results have elucidated a unique mechanism involved in acquiring specific symbiotic bacteria, which is a characteristic shared by diverse stink bugs, and are expected to lead to the development of a new method for controlling pest insects by inhibiting the establishment of gut symbiosis.


Lyrics animations 01/25/2016

Publication of a Service That Allows Easy Production and Sharing of Videos with Lyrics Animated in Synchrony with Music- Anyone can enjoy creating lyrics animation that matches their style with “TextAlive” –

AIST has developed the lyrics animation production support service “TextAlive” (http://textalive.jp/?lang=en) which enables users to animate lyrics in time with music, using song and lyrics contents published on the web. By choosing a song and specifying the video’s style, users can quickly produce lyrics animations with various effects. In addition, users can choose “templates” of visual effects for each word or character with an intuitive interface. Furthermore, users can program templates and their parameter tuning interfaces, then share the templates with other users on TextAlive. Using TextAlive, thus, allows people to demonstrate their creativity and enjoy lyrics animation production without an enormous effort.


Elastomeric Transistor 11/11/2015

Elastomeric Transistor with Softness and Robustness Comparable to Cloth
–Unbreakable when stepped on by high-heeled shoe or washed–

AIST has developed a transistor that shows softness and robustness comparable to cloth and will endure a wide range of loads (stretching, bending, twisting, compressing, and impact). The transistor does not use hard materials and is made only from soft carbon-based materials such as single-walled carbon nanotubes, rubber, and gel; this allows all materials to be integrally deformed in response to the applied load. When the transistor is attached to a piece of clothing and worn, it will become a part of the fabric and fit the human body. It is expected to be applied to human-monitoring electronics in the medical field.


Publication of action toolkit 12/11/2015

Publication of Action Toolkit for Enhancing Effectiveness in Design
– Prototyping innovation style for a bridge between R&D projects and businesses –

AIST has published an action toolkit for enhancing effectiveness in design and concept engineering titled “Solution approach and effect measurement method in design and engineering” (Japanese and English versions), in collaboration with Seymourpowell Ltd. In contrast to reports of design surveys published by public organizations based on conventional best-practice analyses, this newly published action toolkit describes goals based on current problems recognized from the viewpoint of researchers in collaboration with 14 major manufacturing companies, as well as survey of the present situation, and an R&D process which is one of implementation methods.


Geological Survey of Japan 04/01/2015

Understanding and living with the Earth

Geological information is essential for a country like Japan, located at a tectonically active area, to ensure a safe and secure society. The Geological Survey of Japan gathers, compiles, and provides geological information and promotes its wider use. We also develop technologies to overcome various difficulties related to global environment protection, exploration of minerals and energy resources, and natural disaster mitigation, and coordinate international cooperation as a national representative.


DC voltage standard 09/10/2015

Development of a Compact Direct Current Voltage Standard with the World’s Highest Level of Performance
- Achievement of high temporal stability of ±2 ppm/year -

AIST has developed a compact direct current (DC) voltage standard with the world’s highest level of performance in temporal stability and temperature stability, in collaboration with ADC Corporation. The developed DC voltage standard was achieved by employing a quantum standard for precise measurement of the voltage standard unit that serves as a reference standard and by utilizing circuit noise countermeasures, heat insulating packaging, and a modularization technology. High-precision voltage measurement becomes possible at R&D and quality management departments of manufacturers, universities, research institutions, and calibration facilities, and the efficiency of calibration operations is expected to improve dramatically.


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