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Development, dissemination, and use promotion of measurement standards and development of standards-related measurement technologies

As the national metrology institute (NMI), we are focusing on the development and dissemination of measurement standards, promotion of measurement standards utilization, development of measurement technologies related to measurement standards, legal metrology work and training of experts. Our activity covers engineering, physical, material, and chemical measurement standards. It also covers development of measurement and analytical instrumentation. We also coordinate international activities on metrology standards as a national representative.


New Research Results

Development of technique for easily measuring moisture content of agricultural products using an electromagnetic wave

AIST has developed a measurement method for moisture content of agricultural products. The moisture content is an important index of quality. However, conventional methods are problematic in terms of time and effort. In the developed method, agricultural products on a conveyer belt are irradiated using an electromagnetic wave and signal analysis of the transmitted wave is then performed. Since the data is acquired within one second, all products can be inspected in close to real time. Agricultural products can also be measured after being boxed, and therefore this method is expected to facilitate sorting and quality control at the production site.

Principle of moisture content measurement using a microstrip transmission line figure

Principle of moisture content measurement using a microstrip transmission line

Development of Technology That Can Easily Calibrate Line Impedance Stabilization Networks (LISNs) Used in EMC Tests

AIST developed a technology that can easily calibrate line impedance stabilization networks (LISNs) used for conducted emissions tests, in collaboration with REPIC Corporation. In conducted emissions tests, LISN is used to measure electromagnetic noise generated from electronic equipment, and it is required to calibrate the LISN itself to ensure the reliability of the measurement. However, multiple standard devices and complex data analysis are necessary for calibration of LISN. AIST and REPIC developed the first specialized standard device suitable for calibration of LISN, and realized an automatic calibration system. It is now possible to calibrate LISN easily even at EMC test sites.

Developed automatic calibration system for LISN figre

Developed automatic calibration system for LISN

Research Unit

Research Institute for Engineering Measurement
Research Institute for Physical Measurement
Research Institute for Material and Chemical Measurement
Center for Quality Management of Metrology

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