Research Unit

Renewable Energy Research Center


Technology development for high rate introduction of renewable energy

In order to introduce renewable energy at high rate, it is necessary to match intermittent power sources to power demand, to reduce cost of power generation and environment assessment, and to harmonize local energy resources and optimum technology with environment. Our research center promotes the following R&D by utilizing the demonstration field in the institute.

  • To integrate intermittent renewable energy sources with energy storage, hydrogen and battery, and power electronics, and to demonstrate an energy management system with renewable energy introduced at high rate.
  • To develop a mass introduction technology of light-weight and cost-effective photovoltaic modules.
  • To construct databases of geothermal sources to help proper development of application systems.

Renewable Energy Research Initiative

Image:Renewable Energy Research Initiative


Organization Chart

Image:Organization ChartEnergy Network Team Hydrogen Energy Carrier Team Wind Power Team Photovoltaic Power Team Geothermal Energy Team Shallow Geothermal and Hydrogeology TeamShallow Geothermal and Hydrogeology Team

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