Department of Energy and Environment

Promoting green innovation

To promote green innovation, AIST is developing technologies for increased use of alternative energy technologies, such as renewable energy sources that reduce greenhouse gas emissions (energy creation), high-density storage of energy (energy storage), highly efficient conversion and use of energy (energy saving), effective utilization of energy resources, and evaluation and reduction of environmental risks.


Research Unit

Open Innovation Laboratory

Since FY 2016, as a part of the “Open Innovation Arena concept” promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), AIST has been engaged in the provision of “Open Innovation Laboratories” (OILs), which are collaborative research centers established on university campuses.

AIST will merge the basic research carried out at universities, etc. with AIST’s goal-oriented basic research and applied technology development, and will promote bridging research and development and industry by the establishment of OILs.

  • AIST-NU GaN Advanced Device Open Innovation Laboratory (GaN-OIL)

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