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Research Scientist

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) is one of the largest government research organizations in Japan, with about 2,300 researchers and 650 research administrative staffs. AIST promotes fundamental R&D activities in the pursuit of problem-solutions for industrial sciences and technologies. AIST also reinforces various functions of “Bridge-building”, aiming to come into practical use of AIST’s research achievements by collaborating with academic and industrial organizations. AIST has, therefore, been conducting researches on leading edge technologies for incubating and enhancing innovation, as well as conducting fundamental researches on intellectual infrastructure such as geological survey, metrology, and measurements.

AIST recruits talented researchers who have high level of specialties, research performance, and intelligence, together with positive mind for R&D collaboration with industries and academia.

Our open recruitment for the second half of fiscal year 2014 has already been finished.

All the application documents must reach our office no later than the following time and date.

        ・ 5:00 p.m. on October 17, 2014 (Japan Standard Time)

Position Available

Type A (Tenure-track Position, Fixed-term of five years)
- AIST seeks researchers having potential to lead the development of industrial science in a mid- and long-term perspective. Applicants should possess, or be scheduled to earn, a doctoral degree before the day of employment. The presentation date of the degree should be after April 2, 2007. Applicants with equivalent qualification are also welcomed. The employee can move to a tenured position after undergoing a successful review on his/her performance on the job.

Furthermore, the applicants for Type A which are especially approved by employment committee may be employed for Type A (Tenure-track position, fixed-term of less than 5 years, e.g. 3 years) or Type B.

Type B (Tenured Position with Age Retirement System for Mid-career Recruitment)
- AIST recruits mid-career researchers with outstanding experience in various research fields. AIST strongly expects them to be the core of research groups and to make a significant social contribution through the research projects. Applicants should possess a doctoral degree or an equivalent qualification.

Type C (Fixed-term of two to five years) 
- AIST seeks researchers who participate in various AIST projects supported by the external fund. AIST recruits many talented researchers with specialized knowledge to promote the projects. Applicants should possess, or be scheduled to earn, a doctoral degree before the day of employment. Applicants with equivalent qualification are also welcomed. The tenure evaluation will not be carried out.

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