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Information on the First Round of 2017 AIST Recruitment for Research Scientists. 

      May 11, 2017 
(Japan Standard Time)


  • Advance registration is compulsory for application. 
  • AIST sends a confirmation email after completing advance registration. Please keep the email for preparing the application document (The registration number in the email is necessary). 
  • An application document must be prepared by using the template the file (MS-Word) specified by AIST.
  • Any application document attached to an email message is not acceptable. Please click “application_procedure” on the right panel and follow the application instruction carefully. If not followed, applications will not be evaluated.
  • Web application frrom JREC-IN Portal can be done from this page.


Research Scientist

The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) is one of the largest national research organizations in Japan, with about 2,300 researchers and 650 research administrative members. AIST promotes fundamental R&D activities to present solutions to issues that society and industry face. AIST also reinforces various functions of “Bridge-building”, aiming to come into practical use of AIST’s research achievements to industry by collaborating with academic and industrial organizations. AIST has, therefore, been conducting researches on leading edge technologies for incubating and enhancing innovation, as well as conducting fundamental researches on intellectual infrastructure such as geological survey, metrology, and measurement standards.

AIST recruits talented researchers who have high levels of specialties, research performance, and intelligence, together with positive mindsets for R&D collaboration with industries and academia.

Position Available

Type A (Tenure-track Position)/Type B (Tenured Position)
  • AIST seeks research scientists with outstanding abilities and/or potential for conducting innovative R&D activities in a wide range of fields of science and technology. Research scientists will be employed for tenure-track (Type A), or tenured positions (Type B).
  • The Recruitment and Employment Committeee of AIST will determine which position is suitable for an successful applicant.
  • Tenure of an employed research scientist for Type A is 5 years, however, tenure can be reduced to 3 years based on the decision by the committee.
  • A tenure-track research scientist can be promoted to a research scientist for a tenured position by being evaluated through a "tenure review". The tenure review will be carried out about 18 months before the tenure expires. The researcher will be reviewed over her/his performance and contributions to AIST missions, and performance in her/his term. In the last 5 years, more than 90% of tenure-track research scientists have been qualified.

Type C (Specially appointed position) 

  • AIST seeks research scientists who have sufficient expertise to join AIST's R&D projects sponsored by finantial institutions.
  • Applicants should possess, or be scheduled to earn, a doctoral degree before the day of employment. Applicants with equivalent qualification are also welcome for application.
  • Exclusive working duty is imposed on successful applicants, since the job opportunities are sponsored by funding institutions. Several restrictions on research activities may be imposed.
  • Tenure is generally 2-5 years, and this job opportunity is not tenure-track.

Type D (Non tenure-track position based on performance-based pay)
  • AIST seeks research scientists with professional expertise and worldwide reputation for conducting highly prioritized R&D projects by AIST.
  • The annual salary system, which is a category of results-oriented salary system, is applied to successful applicants. Applicants should have a Ph. D. degree, or equivalent experiences in the R&D subjects.
  • These positions are not tenure-track, and a tenure review is not scheduled for this category of research scientists.
  • Tenure is up to 5 years, and reappointment is possible for one further term.

Leading Initiative for Excellent Young Researchers (LEADER)

AIST posts the following job vacancies in based on the employment scheme of "Leading Initiative for Excellent Young Researchers."  Please visit this page, or "Leading Initiative for Excellent Researchers (LEADER)" on the right panel, for more details. We urge you to apply to the First Round of 2017 Open Recruitment to expand your job opportunities.

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