AIST Waterfront:Greeting from the Director

 -Towards a Global Center of Excellence for Integrated Research  For the Realization of a Green and Digital Society-
Kawai Yoshihiro
Director General,
AIST Tokyo Waterfront
Dr. Kawai  Yoshihiro

AIST Tokyo Waterfront, one of the research bases of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), was established here at the Tokyo Academic Park in Waterfront when AIST was restructured in 2001. The Bio-IT Research Building and Cyber-Physical-Systems (CPS) Research Facility were built in 2005 and 2018 respectively to expand AIST’s only research base located in Tokyo’s metropolitan area.
AIST Tokyo Waterfront plays the role of an open innovation platform as an "international joint research center for artificial intelligence (AI) and zero emissions research" by taking advantage of its geographical convenience of being located in Tokyo. In addition to AI and zero emissions, we are promoting integration with various research fields, mainly in cyber physical security, industrial CPS, digital architecture, and cellular & molecular biotechnology. Through these efforts, we aim to realize a green and digital society.
The number of researchers at the AIST Tokyo Waterfront is the second largest among AIST's research bases, behind AIST Tsukuba. AIST Tokyo Waterfront is now the most active international and cooperative research base in AIST, as it attracts more industry and university researchers as well as international researchers compared with the average research base in AIST.  In addition, we have established the Collaborative Research Laboratories, Open Innovation Laboratories, and AIST Consortiums, and welcome start-ups and Technology Research Associations in order to promote joint research with companies and universities. In collaboration with the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Research Institute, we provide support for small and medium-sized companies. We are also actively conducting public relations activities, such as establishing facilities to exhibit our research results .
Through these activities, We remain committed to creating innovation that will provide world-leading solutions to social issues and lead to economic growth and enhanced industrial competitiveness.