Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Motome Takisawa, and Various Foreign Diplomats in Japan, Visited FREA

 On August 25, 2016, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Motome Takisawa and various foreign diplomats in Japan visited FREA as part of the Fukushima Study Tour organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There were 12 diplomats from 10 countries (Canada, Columbia, Ethiopia, Germany, Myanmar, Pakistan, Korea, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, and United States) participating in this visit.
After a greeting and an explanation of AIST and FREA, the visitors toured the research facility, and were explained on the Ground-Source Heat Pump System Demonstration Area, Renewable Energy Demonstration Field, and FREA’s research themes.
Lastly, they visited an exhibition at FREA’s entrance hall to see examples of achievements of Seeds Support Program* and other joint research with local companies.
The visited diplomats expressed great interest in Japan’s cutting-edge research, and felt that this tour deepened their understanding about the approache toward introduction of renewable energy in Fukushima.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website, Visit to AIST’s Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute by Foreign Diplomats in Tokyo (Fukushima Study Tour) (Results)
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Commemorative photo with Parliamentary Vice-Minister Takisawa (center) and diplomats

Explanation of full-scale production line for thin-crystalline silicon solar cells, Parliamentary Vice-Minister Takisawa (center)