FREA Exhibited to “REIF Fukushima 2015”

FREA participated in an exhibition “The 4th REVIVAL OF FUKUSHIMA Renewable Energy Industrial Fair 2015 (REIF Fukushima 2015)” held at Big Palette Fukushima in Koriyama City on October 28 and 29. FREA organized a seminar on the first day and a Lab. Tour on the second day as well as two-day booth exhibition. Event organizer formally announced the total number of the visitors to “REIF Fukushima 2015” reached to 6,370.

  • Booth Exhibition: Posters showing our recent research achievements, progress in “Program for Promoting Technologies Invented by Industry in Disaster Areas in Tohoku (Seeds Support Program)” and “Human Resources Development Project” were exhibited. About 500 people visited our exhibition booth.
  • FREA Renewable Energy Seminar: Half-day seminar entitled “FREA Renewable Energy Seminar - Towards an innovative renewable energy technology from Fukushima" attracted about 130 attendees. Seven presentations, including those from two companies collaborating in the “Seeds Support Program” were made.
  • FREA Lab. Tour: 56 people joined this tour being explained FREA’s research subjects and state-of-the-art experimental facilities.
・FREA Exhibition Booth
REIF2015 photo1
FREA’s Exhibition Booth
REIF2015 photo2
Mr. Masao Uchibori, The Governor of Fukushima Prefecture, visiting FREA Booth.
REIF2015 photo3
Mr. Kaneshige Wakamatsu, The State Minister for Reconstruction, visiting FREA Booth.
REIF2015 photo4
Explanation to Visitors

・FREA Renewable Energy Seminar
REIF2015 photo5
Seminar Veneu
REIF2015 photo6
Opening Lecturer by The Director-General of FREA
REIF2015 photo7
Presentation from Asaka Riken Co., Ltd.
(Seeds Support Program Partner Company)
REIF2015 photo8
Presentation from EvoTech Inc.
(Seeds Support Program Partner Company)

・FREA Lab. Tour
REIF2015 photo9
Shallow Geothermal Demonstration Field
REIF2015 photo10
FREA’s Technology Show Room