FREA’s Former Director-General Got AIST President’s Award

Winner: Yoshiro Owadano

Outline of Achievement

 The award winner consistently played a central role from preparing for the establishment of a renewable energy development base in Fukushima Prefecture (Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute, AIST) to its opening in April 2014, as well as fostering close collaboration with local governments including Fukushima Prefecture, and subsequent operation of FREA. In April 2016 the new Smart System Research Building was opened, which will provide technology for the international certification of large power conditioners. Furthermore, by utilizing the reconstruction budget to support the development and practical application of innovative technologies by multiple local companies, and supporting the technologies of these companies in the three prefectures affected by the disaster (Fukushima, Miyagi, and Iwate), FREA is contributing to the practical application of products they develop. In addition, through collaboration with several universities, FREA is contributing to human resource development in the region, while numerous visits and tours are contributing greatly to AIST’s public relations on renewable energy related technology.

Winner with President