2nd International Symposium for Resilient Communities in Koriyama

 FREA co-hosted the 2nd International Symposium for Resilient Communities together with Koriyama City. This event was held at the Koriyama City Central Community Center on April 14 and 15, 2016. The theme of this symposium was creating a tough society that is less susceptible to disasters and that can recover from damage as quickly as possible. This is based on the concept of resilience (strength to be prepared for and recover from natural disasters including earthquakes and water damage, as well as risks such as population decline and the aging society, etc.). Total participants were 596. Presentations were made on approaches to make a society more resistant to the damage that are being implemented by Koriyama City. Besides, the importance of partnerships in which the national government, local governments, universities, research institutions and residents were applealed in various ways in order to improve resilience. On April 14, Director-General of FREA Owadano, Director of RER C Niki, and Geothermal Energy Team Leader Asanuma from FREA presented lectures on the theme of energy resilience. On April 13, before the International Symposium, a technical tour was conducted, including a tour of FREA.

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Group Photo Centered around Koriyama City Mayor
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Inside the Venue
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Lecture by Director-General Owadano
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Technical Tour in FREA