Report on the exhibit at the Industrial Fair “KORIYAMA EXPO 2018” held October 5th (Friday) – 7th (Sunday)

Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute, AIST (FREA) ran a booth at the Koriyama Industrial Expo “KORIYAMA EXPO 2018 – Create the Future -” organized by the Executive Committee of Koriyama Expo 2018 held from October 5th to 7th at the Big Palette Fukushima (Koriyama City). Its affiliates include Koriyama City / Koriyama Chamber of Commerce and Industry / Wide Koriyama Area Regional Council of Chamber of Commerce and Industry / Fukushima Sakura Agricultural Cooperative.
FREA introduced the latest research activities focused on photovoltaic power, Japan's first commercial mobile hydrogen station using renewable hydrogen generated by FREA and “Shimizu-AIST Zero Emission Hydrogen Town Cooperative Research Laboratory” established on October 1st, 2018. FREA also explained the mechanism of fuel-cell vehicles using a miniature fuel-cell car and solar hydrogen refueling station.
Many children learned about renewable energy playing with a card game "Quintet" and a bingo game "Quattro" these are made to get familiar with renewable energy.
Many visitors enjoyed themselves in the booth and got a better understanding about renewable energy.
Mayor of Koriyama City Mr. Shinagawa visiting the booth Renewable energy bingo game "Quattro"
Explaining the mechanism of fuel-cell vehicles using a miniature fuel-cell car A visitor asking questions at the booth