FREA Open House 2016

 On July 30, 2016, FREA hosted its Open House. Although it was an extremely hot day just after the end of the rainy season, as many as 415 people visited our institute, which significantly exceeded the number of participants in the previous year.
This event, which marks the 3rd Open House, consisted of more feature-rich content than ever, through cooperation with the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and various institutions, schools, etc. in Fukushima Prefecture.
At the Science Experiment & Experience Corner, the Space-park Volunteer Group’s Craft Workshop, and the Fukushima Technology Centre Workshop, visitors were able to experience various subjects, and increase their interest in science and technology.
As approaches to deepen links with the local region, presentations by high school science clubs and university research laboratories were held. Those presentations were held for the first time at this year’s open house, as well as a stamp rally, photo opportunities with Koriyama City mascots Gakuto-kun and Ompu-chan. and an earthquake simulation vehicle experience hosted by the Koriyama Fire Station. Through these approaches, it was possible to introduce the various initiatives being implemented in Fukushima Prefecture.
In addition, the lab tour, which was also well-received last year, was booked to full capacity early after reservations opened, and we were able to reconfirm that there is a great deal of interest in FREA.
It is our hope that science and technology, and FREA’s research and development, will feel more accessible to you through this Open House.

Lab tours    

Visit Inside Windmill Tower

Ground-source Heat Pump System Demonstration Area

Open House Events

Research Presentations by High School and University Students

Special Lab Tour of Hydrogen Utilization Technology

Micro Mouse (small robotic mouse) Running through a Maze

Solar Cell Workshop (JST)

Earthquake Simulation Vehicle by Koriyama Fire Station

Craft Workshop by Space-park Volunteer Group

Gakuto-kun and Ompu-chan

Wind Observation Demonstration using a Drone