Japan–Croatia Joint Seminar on Ground-Source Heat Pump System

 On Thursday, September 1, 2016, the Renewable Energy Research Center and the University of Zagreb jointly held the “Japan–Croatia Joint Seminar on Ground-Source Heat Pump System” at the Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute, AIST (FREA).
This seminar was held combined with the visit of Prof. Soldo Vladimir of the University of Zagreb, Croatia, and Dr. Borović Staŝa of the Croatian Geological Survey to Japan.
After the opening remarks by Prof. Hikari Fujii of Akita University, Prof. Vladimir delivered a keynote lecture on research on the ground-source heat pumps in Croatia in the last ten years, followed by Dr. Staŝa’s lecture on the research on ground-source heat potential in Croatia. From the Japan side, Mr. Farabi Hadi of Akita University and Mr. Kiyohiko Katsuragi of Japan Groundwater Development Co., Ltd. gave lectures. Mr. Hadi’s lecture discussed semi-open ground-source heat pump systems, whereas Mr. Katsuragi explained the research on closed-loop heat pump system, using an artesian flowing well. The latter’s research was performed as part of AIST’s Program for Promoting Technologies Invented by Industry in Disaster Areas in Tohoku. Dr. Gaurav Shrestha of Shallow Geothermal and Hydrogeology Team, FREA, introduced the outlines of research conducted by Shallow Geothermal and Hydrogeology Team. Dr. Kasumi Yasukawa, principal research manager of the Renewable Energy Research Center, made closing remarks. All participants had a lively discussion and meaningful exchanges of opinions in each lecture.