Report on the exhibit at the 7th Fukushima Renewable Energy Industry Fair (REIF Fukushima 2018) held November 7th (Wednesday) – 8th (Thursday)

FREA participated in an exhibition at the 7th Fukushima Renewable Energy Industry Fair (REIF Fukushima 2018) on November 7th (Wednesday) and 8th (Thursday) at Big Palette Fukushima (Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture).
  • We presented the latest results on core elemental technologies as well as system integration technology aimed at large-scale introduction of renewable energy; for example, energy networks, hydrogen carriers and storage, hydrogen and thermal systems, wind power energy, solar photovoltaic technology, geothermal power and ground source heat pump. In addition, we exhibited the commercialized models and products developed through the Revitalization Program in Disaster Areas in Tohoku. At the same time, the research presentations were provided by the companies, researchers and RAs at the exhibition booth. Over 260 people visited our booth during the two-day period.
  • On November 7th, a tour to FREA was held as an event of REIF Fukushima 2018, and 40 people toured the research facilities of FREA.
  • According to an announcement by the event organizers, a total of 7,015 people visited the event during the two days, making the event successful.
畠副知事と相樂東北経済産業局長のご訪問 副市長のご訪問
Mr. Hata, Vice-Governor of Fukushima Prefecture and Ms. Sagara, Director of Tohoku Bureau of Economy,Trade and Industry Mr. Yoshizaki and Mr. Kanno Deputy Mayor of Koriyama City
ブース内プレゼンの様子 フレア視察ツアーの様子
The Presentation by RA The laboratory tour