Greeting from the Director

Director-General AIST Shikoku Dr. Hiroaki Tao

Director-General AIST Shikoku
Dr. Satoshi Haraichi

(April 1 Inauguration in 2019)

 National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) is engaged in green technology for the innovation of energy and environment and life technology for the innovation of human life and health. Our research aims at maintaining affluent society, economy and environment.
 AIST Shikoku-Center hosts Health Research Institute (HRI) to promote health research, which is the nucleus of life technology. We have been tackling predictive and diagnostic methods of diseases by the measurement of physiological conditions in living systems and the reduction of health hazards in the environment. Our research also aims at the creation and utilization of health-related industries in the Shikoku region.
 With the industry-university-government collaboration office at AIST Shikoku-Center, we are trying our best on cooperation with industries, universities, and public research organizations through not only AIST Shikoku-Center but also the entire AIST network. We are always thankful for your support.