FREA Exhibited to "REIF Fukushima 2014"

  • A guided bus tour to FREA allowed 52 visitors to see the facilities. They visited the Experiment Building where novel silicon solar panels are produced, hydrogen as an energy carrier is studied, and other labs. At the Demonstration Field, they could see the Wind Power Generation System and field test of solar panels connected.
    Energy produced is used at FREA and controlled at the Energy Control Building to allow connection to the power grid. 
  • FREA will participate in the REIF Fukushima 2015 to strengthen its ties with local & international industry and research laboratories.
FREA展示ブースの様子 FREA再エネセミナーの様子
Exhibition Booth "Renewable Energy" Seminar
FREA視察ツアーの様子 出展者プレゼンテーションの様子
Lab. Tour to FREA Exhibitors' Presentation