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"Songle": A New Futuristic Form of Digital Music Enjoyment

Photo of “Songle”: A New Futuristic Form of Digital Music Enjoyment

Digital music has changed the way we enjoy music tremendously. It is easy to experience music over the Internet, but finding the song we want amid endless sources of music remains difficult. AIST's Songle service automatically analyzes songs on the Internet and visualizes the results as a music map.

Songle ( is a music listening system that automatically analyzes the content of songs on the Internet. Using the music map created by Songle, you can see the structure of the song at a glance and jump immediately to the chorus (hook). Songle provides a fresh new world to people who have never touched an instrument, while to people with a deep appreciation of music, it provides new discoveries and affirmations. Songle also has a function for users to make corrections to the computer's automatic analysis, thereby harnessing the power of crowdsourcing to improve the accuracy of the music map.

Songrium (, which, like Songle, is freely available to the public, is a system that connects an ever-increasing number of songs on the Internet from various perspectives and displays those songs with connections like shining stars in the night sky. With Songrium, you can find songs with a similar mood to songs you already like or discover videos of people singing or dancing to your favorite track.

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