Energy Technology Symposium 2016

 On December 1, RENRC, together with the Research Institute of Energy Frontier and Research Institute for Energy Conservation, hosted the “Energy Technology Symposium 2016,” which was held at the International Conference Hall, Plaza Heisei of Tokyo International Exchange Center. The symposium, which had the theme of “Technological Development toward Hydrogen Society and Future Prospects,” covered topics on the trend of technological development toward realization of hydrogen society, movement toward introduction into society, and future prospects.
With the recent surge in attention paid to issues on hydrogen energy, 291 people attended the symposium; the highest recorded number of attendees in the past years.
Prof. Ken Okazaki from the Tokyo Institute of Technology delivered a keynote lecture about the definition and significance of a hydrogen society and the direction of required technological development. Mr. Ryo Nakajima, assistant project manager of TOSHIBA CORPORATION’s new energy solution project team, delivered an invited lecture on the latest activities of the company, including the Independent Hydrogen Energy Supply System, which accelerated the use of generated hydrogen from renewable energy. The presentation of Dr. Haruhiko Obara, Deputy Director of the Department of Energy and Environment, introduced an overview of a technological development in hydrogen energy in AIST. It was followed by seven oral presentations on hydrogen-related technologies by members of three research units that organized this symposium. During the poster sessions held simultaneously, AIST researchers introduced their research activities related to a variety of energy forms, including energy other than hydrogen, and facilitated a lively discussion with attendees.

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Oral presentation
Poster session
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