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Wonder of Science

Numerous kinds of science and technology that support modern society are the results of the quest by researchers for solutions to the wonders of this world in the long history of mankind.
This section may make those of you who have come with parents or friends ponder about the wonders that exist in our everyday life that usually go unnoticed. We hope that it will give you an opportunity to think about the wonders of science.

Wonder of muscle

There are muscles which are used to move one's body.
The reason why we can move as we like is because command signals are sent from the brain to the muscles to stretch or contract.
The signals from the brain are electric signals, and what runs faintly through muscles when they contract is also electric.
Let's try to catch it when you squeeze your hand with a myoelectric sensor.

Wonder of life

There are many living things such as animals, insects, and plants that have intriguing abilities. Some industrial technologies are the result of insight from such abilities and other research use these abilities to advance.

Wonder of sound

Sound is an important source of information.
There are sounds that we can hear and those that we cannot depending on frequency.
Technology to record and replay sound has been developed from the past as a means of recording.
Here are presented a human audible range, and a method for recording at high levels to give you the feeling of being at the place.

Wonder of light

The reason we can see objects is because light from the objects reach our eyes.
Light has a wave-like characteristic, and different wavelengths represent different colors.
Wonders of invisible light (ultraviolet light, infrared light) among others are presented here.

The Robots of AIST

We are always thinking about where and how robots can be useful in the near future.
There are many robots that are already working among us.
Robots that have been used in research and those that resulted from research are presented here. Paro, a seal-like robot which is popular with children, is also here waiting for your visit.

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