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"Mahoro": Lab Robot Assists Fast, Accurate, Drug Development

Photo of “Mahoro”

Laboratories involved in drug development and other life sciences cannot avoid lab work consisting of a never-ending series of tedious manual operations. We developed a robot that performs operations that previously only skilled humans could do. The humanoid robot Mahoro can be adapted to all kinds of operations, if trained, and can carry out the operations continuously without ever making a mistake.

The biggest reason why Mahoro succeeds as a practical lab robot is its humanoid form. Because of its compact body, Mahoro can work in the same workspaces as humans and use the same hand devices and tools. Another key point is Mahoro's advanced robotic functionality, which enables it to continuously perform operations quickly while maintaining an accuracy better than humans in any setting. A third important point is its straightforward teaching interface. It is difficult to incorporate a robot into work operations if teaching the robot itself is complicated.

Because of these innovations, Mahoro can carry out work that humans have done and in the same way, such as clinical examinations that need standardized operations as well as work that humans can't do, such as in special environments as in vacuums, at high temperatures, at low temperatures and in hazardous environments, such as working with biohazardous materials, experiments with radioactive materials, and organic synthesis.

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