Director-General, AIST Hokkaido Satoru OHGIYA, Ph.D.

Director-General, AIST Hokkaido
Satoru OHGIYA, Ph.D.

 National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) is one of the largest national institutes in Japan. AIST covers a variety of research fields in the following seven departments; Energy and Environment, Life Science and Biotechnology, Information Technology and Human Factors, Materials and Chemistry, Electronics and Manufacturing, Geological Survey, and Metrology Standards. The aim of our institute is to conduct research activities in the wide research fields, and to transfer those results to industries toward innovations.
 The Hokkaido Base of AIST (AIST Hokkaido) has been located at Sapporo city to provide two functional features in Hokkaido, original research activities and Technobridge® functions to promote collaboration with local and nationwide companies.
 As for research activities, two research laboratories, the Bioproduction Research Institute and the Methane Hydrate Project Unit in the Research Institute of Energy Frontier, are conducting research and development in AIST Hokkaido. The Bioproduction Research Institute is promoting production of valuable substances in transgenic plants and microorganisms, and industrial utilization of the products. The Methane Hydrate Project Unit is conducting research on methane hydrate and developing applications of methane hydrate.
 As for collaboration functions, AIST Hokkaido has a collaborative research space called the Open Space Lab. In addition, the Odori Site in Sapporo downtown provides technical support for companies throughout Hokkaido in cooperation with the Hokkaido Intelligent Network Terminal (HiNT), in which major universities, research institutes, local governments, and financial organizations in Hokkaido are cooperatively working as members. Furthermore, AIST Hokkaido is working to find and understand the technical needs of the local companies. The variety of research activities in AIST Hokkaido and whole AIST research departments would support their companies by collaborative research and technology transfer.
 We are working to enhance our research and development capabilities in collaboration with industry, academia, and government. We hope for your cooperation and collaboration.