発表者 タイトル
市原 寛
山谷 祐介、他
Imaging of a serpentinite complex in the Kamuikotan Zone, northern Japan, from magnetotelluric soundings
Lee Tae Jong、他 Assessment of Environmental Benefits from Geothermal Development in Eastern and South-Eastern Asia
織原 大、他 Contribution of Voltage Support Function to Virtual Inertia Control Performance of Inverter-Based Resource in Frequency Stability
豊島 安健 再生可能エネルギーの現状と今後の動向
Javaid Rahat
難波 哲哉
Highly efficient mixed oxide supported Ru catalysts for ammonia synthesis
Javaid Rahat Catalytic Hydrogen Production, Storage and Application
Sudhanshu Ranjan
Ustun Taha Selim、他
Voltage Stability Assessment of Isolated Hybrid Dish-Stirling Solar Thermal-Diesel Microgrid with STATCOM using Mine Blast Algorithm


発表者 タイトル
高松 尚宏、他 Regional Solar Irradiance Forecast for Kanto Region by Support Vector Regression Using Forecast of Meso-Ensemble Prediction System
棚橋 克人、他 結晶シリコン太陽電池の光劣化挙動と軽元素の評価技術
眞中 雄一、他 Catalytic Conversion of Nitrogen Oxide to Ammonia by NO-CO-H2O reaction
Marceau Gresse
山谷 祐介、他
The plumbing system of a Miyakejima volcano: insights into magmatic-hydrothermal interactions
Diba Dieno
山谷 祐介、他
Characteristic features of the response functions estimated from a wide-band magnetotelluric (MT) data in the southern Tohoku area
伊藤 凌
山谷 祐介、他
石須 慶一
山谷 祐介、他
井上 智裕
山谷 祐介、他
山際 嵩也
山谷 祐介、他
内田 洋平 再生可能エネルギー研究センター 地中熱チーム 2021年度研究戦略
Okafor Ekenechukwu、他 Liquid Ammonia Spray Combustion in Two-Stage Micro Gas Turbine Combustors at High Pressures; Relevance of Combustion Enhancement to Flame Stability and NOx Control
太野垣 健 3端子型タンデム太陽電池
Javaid Rahat
難波 哲哉
Effect of texture and physical properties of catalysts on ammonia synthesis
大竹 秀明、他 再生可能エネルギー大量普及下におけるメソアンサンブル予報の活用検討
大竹 秀明 再生可能エネルギー普及に向けた人材育成の取り込み
織原 大、他
A Method for Determining the Power-Flow Restriction between the Distribution and Sub-Transmission Systems that Reduces the Capacity of a Battery Energy Storage System
眞中 雄一 Carbon dioxide utilization by using organic or metal catalysts
太野垣 健、他 Effect of solar cell interconnections on curved photovoltaic module performance
渡邉 教弘、他
Bayesian and Neural Network Approaches to Estimate Deep Temperature Distribution for Assessing a Supercritical Geothermal System: Evaluation using a Numerical Model
Survey of Authentication Techniques in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs)


発表者 タイトル
金子 翔平、他 原位置実験にもとづくオープンループ方式地中熱利用システムの適地判定技術の開発(その1)
Ustun Taha Selim A Critical Review of IEC 61850 Testing Tools
水野 彩香
眞中 雄一、他
美崎 慧
眞中 雄一、他
佐藤 吏沙子
眞中 雄一、他
阪本 実紀
嶋田 進、他
大関 崇
嶋田 進
Amar Kumar Barik
Ustun Taha Selim、他
Optimal voltage-frequency regulation in distributed sustainable energy-based hybrid microgrids with integrated resource planning
Derya Betul Unsal
Ustun Taha Selim、他
Enhancing Cybersecurity in Smart Grids: False Data Injection and Its Mitigation
Nabira Fatima
Javaid Rahat、他
Recent Developments for Antimicrobial Applications of Graphene-based polymeric Composites: A Review
大竹 秀明、他 メソアンサンブル予報の電力・エネルギー分野での活用
Ustun Taha Selim、他 Machine Learning-based Intrusion Detection for Achieving Cybersecurity in Smart Grids using IEC 61850 GOOSE Messages
Marceau Gresse
山谷 祐介、他
Hydrothermal and magmatic system of a volcanic island inferred from magnetotellurics, seismicity, self-potential, and thermal image: an example of Miyakejima (Japan)
國分 海斗
織原 大、他
Javaid Rahat
難波 哲哉
Green ammonia synthesis using renewable energy-derived hydrogen


発表者 タイトル
Ustun Taha Selim、他
Case Study of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Power System Installed at Monthly Optimum Tilt Angles for Different Climatic Zones in India
Maiden Voltage Control Analysis of Hybrid Power System With Dynamic Voltage Restorer
Abdul Latif
Ustun Taha Selim、他
Design and Implementation of maiden dual-level Controller for Ameliorating Frequency Control in a Hybrid Microgrid
Ustun Taha Selim、他 IEC 61850-based Communication for Integrated EV Management in Power Systems with Renewable Penetration
大竹 秀明 未来のエネルギーをみんなで考える
Abdul Latif
Optimization of Two-stage IPD-(1+I) Controllers for Frequency Regulation of Sustainable Energy Based Hybrid Microgrid Network
岡本 京祐、他 人が感じないほどのごく微小な揺れの変化から地熱地帯の熱水活動を検出
鈴木 陽大
浅沼 宏
Short-Term Variation and Discharge Mechanism of the Futamata Hot Spring Estimated by Continuous Monitoring Data
Javaid Rahat、他 Subcritical and supercritical water oxidation for dye decomposition
Ustun Taha Selim、他 Artificial Intelligence based Intrusion Detection System for IEC 61850 Sampled Values Under Symmetric and Asymmetric Faults
大竹 秀明 発電出力予測へのメソアンサンブル予報の活用と課題
中納 暁洋、他 Research and development of liquid hydrogen (LH2) temperature monitoring system for marine applications
本倉 健
眞中 雄一、他
Mesoporous FeO(OH) Dispersed on Mg-Al Hydrotalcite Surface for One-Pot Synthesis of Quinoline Derivatives
Umair Yaqub Qazi
Javaid Rahat、他
Bimetallic NiCo-NiCoO2 Nano-heterostructures Embedded on Copper Foam as a self-supported Bifunctional Electrode for Water Oxidation and Hydrogen Production in Alkaline Media
眞中 雄一、他 再生可能エネルギー由来水素によるアンモニア合成に向けたRu触媒開発
岡本 京祐、他 Fluid activity detection in geothermal areas using a single seismic station by monitoring horizontal-to-vertical spectral ratios
鈴木 陽大、他 Shadow effect of the pH distribution of surface waters around the Kakkonda geothermal field, Japan
渡邉 教弘、他 Effects of Rock Mechanical Behaviors and Silica Precipitations on the Permeability Development in High-Temperature Granitic Rock Bodies: Numerical Studies
浅沼 宏、他 International Cooperation to Address and Mitigate the Climate Change Issue Using Unconventional Geothermal Technology (EGS)
Alain Bonneville
浅沼 宏、他
The Newberry Super-Hot EGS Project
Hiroyuki Yamagishi
浅沼 宏、他
Geothermal Education Program in El Salvador through SATREPS Project
Roy Baria
浅沼 宏、他
International Cooperation to Address and Mitigate the Climate Change Issue Using Unconventional Geothermal Technology (EGS).
浅沼 宏、他
Supercritical Fluids - Learning about the Deep Roots of Geothermal Systems from IEA Geothermal Collaboration
浅沼 宏、他 Status of Japanese Supercritical Geothermal Project in FY2018
浅沼 宏、他 Japanese Supercritical Geothermal Project for drastic increase of geothermal power generation in 2050
浅沼 宏、他 Development of a ultra-high temperature distributed vibration sensing (DVS) system for supercritical geothermal wells


発表者 タイトル
 Lee Tae Jong、他  Assessment of Environmental Benefits from Geothermal Development in Eastern and South-Eastern Asia
NirbhowJap Singh
Ustun Taha Selim、他
Chaotic Evolutionary Programming for Engineering Optimization Problem
Tarkeshwar Mahto
Ustun Taha Selim、他
Fractional Order Fuzzy Based Virtual Inertia Controller Design for Frequency Stability in Isolated Hybrid Power Systems
下田 英介、他 建物の省エネルギーとBCP機能を実現する水素利用蓄エネルギーシステム(その2)エネルギーマネジメント方法
棚橋 克人、他 Gaドープシリコン基板PERCのセル特性に及ぼすGa濃度の影響
棚橋 克人、他 Bドープシリコン基板及びGaドープシリコン基板PERCセルの紫外光誘起劣化挙動
棚橋 克人、他 窒化膜から導入されたシリコン基板中の水素の熱的挙動
Amir Ikhlaq
Javaid Rahat、他
Combined Iron loaded zeolites and ozone-based process for the purification of drinking water in a novel hybrid reactor: removal of Faecal coliforms and Arsenic
千葉 恭男、他 佐賀県鳥栖市において屋外曝露された高効率結晶Si系太陽電池モジュールの屋内測定結果の年次推移
橋本 潤、他 Advanced Grid Integration Test Platform for Increased Distributed Renewable Energy Penetration in Smart Grids
豊島 安健 再生可能エネルギーの新技術 ―ゼロエミッションを目指す水素の活用―
浅沼 宏、他
Injection induced seismicity size distribution dependent on shear stress
大竹 秀明、他 メソアンサンブル予報による日射量予測の大外れ事例
鈴木 陽大、他 Thermal Monitoring of the Lithosphere by the Interaction of Deep Low-Frequency and Ordinary High-Frequency Earthquakes in Northeastern Japan
織原 大、他 インバータ電源への慣性模擬機能の実装手法の違いが周波数変動抑制効果に与える影響
丁 斯茗
眞中 雄一、他
Mesoporous Silica-Supported Pd Complex Catalyst for Allylation of Various Nucleophiles with Allylic Alcohols
孔 園園
眞中 雄一、他
Mesoporous Silica-Supported Rh Complexes with Organic Groups for Catalytic 1,4-Addition in Water
太野垣 健、他 Comparative study of power generation in curved photovoltaic modules of series- and parallel-connected solar cells
五味 杏介
眞中 雄一、他
Characterization of silica supported-Cu complex and its catalysis of coupling reaction
佐藤 吏沙子
眞中 雄一、他
Solid base catalyst for one-pot synthesis of quinoline derivatives
中村 圭佑
眞中 雄一、他
Hydrosilylation of carbonyl compounds using silica-supported cyclic carbonate catalyst
中尾 海輝
望月 敏光、他
The synthesis of formic acid and methanol from carbon dioxide and metallic silicon recycled from waste solar panel catalyzed by fluoride catalyst
水野 彩香
眞中 雄一、他
Non-oxidative methane conversion on mesoporous silica-alumina-supported Ru-Sn catalys
小澤 奈央
眞中 雄一、他
High surface area Fe species on solid base surface for one-pot synthesis of quinoline derivatives
臼井 慧
眞中 雄一、他
Characterization of silica-supported multifunctional catalyst and its use for one-pot synthesis of silyl carbonates
前田 恭吾
眞中 雄一、他
The Influence of Support Surface for the Catalytic Activity of Silica-immobilized Ir Complex
高畠 萌
眞中 雄一、他
Solid base-supported Pt and solid acid mixed catalyst system for dehydrogenative coupling of alkane and benzene
白木 偲織
眞中 雄一、他
Accelerating effect of surface functional groups on hydrolysis of amide group by metalloprotease mimicking silica-immobilized Cu complex
Pramudita Ria Ayu
眞中 雄一、他
Influence of Support Characteristics of Resin-supported Formate Catalyst to its Activity for CO2 Reduction with Hydrosilanes
眞中 雄一 NOx to Ammonia (NTA) 反応
太野垣 健、他 非平面型シリコン太陽電池ミニモジュールの性能評価
太野垣 健、他 裏面コンタクト型三端子GaAs/Siタンデム太陽電池の性能評価
棚橋 克人、他 Stencil-masked phosphorus-implanted silicon for solar cell applications
本倉 健
眞中 雄一、他
高畠 萌
眞中 雄一、他
HUSSAIN SUHAIL、他 Security threats and possible safeguard mechanisms under IEC 61850 environment
Okafor Ekenechukwu、他 Flame Stability and Emissions Characteristics of Liquid Ammonia Spray Co-Fired with Methane in a Single Stage Swirl Combustor
太野垣 健、他 Impact of loading topology and current mismatch on current-voltage curves of three-terminal tandem solar cells with interdigitated back contacts


発表者 タイトル
棚橋 紀悟 PVQAT update
大関 崇 太陽光発電の主力電源化に向けた技術開発と適正運用の動向
Arif Widiatmojo、他 Evaluation and Short-Term Test on Potential Utilization of Ground Source Heat Pump for Space Cooling in Southeast Asia
Arif Widiatmojo、他 Ground Source Heat Pump Application in Tropical Countries
小垣 哲也 Task11:基礎技術情報交換の活動状況
Ustun Taha Selim、他 Renewable Energy Technologies and Applications
大竹 秀明 メソアンサンブル予報の電力・エネルギー分野での活用検討
大竹 秀明 メソアンサンブル予報に基づく太陽光発電出力予測の活用検討
Asim Aftab
Ustun Taha Selim 、他
IEC 61850 Communication Based Dual Stage Load Frequency Controller for Isolated Hybrid Microgrid
Javaid Rahat
難波 哲哉
Role of physical characteristics of catalyst in ammonia synthesis
高畠 萌
眞中 雄一、他
Dehydrogenative Coupling of Alkanes and Benzene Enhanced by Slurry-Phase Interparticle Hydrogen Transfer
小島 宏一、他 Methylcyclohexane Production under Fluctuating Hydrogen Flow Rate Conditions
山谷 祐介、他
Electrical resistivity structure around the Atotsugawa fault, central Japan, revealed by a new 2-D inversion method combining Wideband-MT and Network-MT datasets
眞中 雄一 会員の声
Taehyun Kim
渡邉 教弘、他
Numerical modeling of two-phase flow in deformable porous media: application to CO2 injection analysis in the Otway Basin, Australia


発表者 タイトル
Michael Owen-Bellini
棚橋 紀悟、他
Advancing reliability assessments of photovoltaic modules and materials using combined‐accelerated stress testing
瀬川 裕太、他 建物ゼロエミッション化に資する再エネ水素利用システムの役割と導入設備容量に関する評価
平瀬 祐子
織原 大、他
Characteristic Analysis and Indexing of Multimachine Transient Stabilization Using Virtual Synchronous Generator Control
五舛目 清剛、他 Evaluation of the Pressure Dependence of the Cycle Durability and Thermodynamics of a Metal Hydride Compressor Composed of Ternary V40 and V70TiCr
壹岐 典彦 2020年ASME国際ガスタービン会議 1.全般
Rajitha Udawalpola
大竹 秀明、他
Reduction of Power Imbalances Using Battery Energy Storage System in a Bulk Power System with Extremely Large Photovoltaics Interactions
Double Stage Controller Optimization for Load Frequency Stabilization in Hybrid Wind-Ocean Wave Energy Based Maritime Microgrid System
原 浩二郎
千葉 恭男
Spectroscopic investigation of long-term outdoor-exposed crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules
難波 哲哉、他 Explorative study of a Ru/CeO2 catalyst for NH3 synthesis from renewable hydrogen and demonstration of NH3 synthesis under a range of reaction conditions
上出 健仁、他 Effects of the non-radiative recombination and bandgap reduction in heat-recovery solar cell
Okafor Ekenechukwu、他 Influence of wall heat loss on the emission characteristics of premixed ammonia-air swirl flames interacting with the combustor wall
K.D. Kunkuma A. Somarathne
Okafor Ekenechukwu、他
Effect of OH Concentration and Temperature on NO Emission Characteristics of Turbulent Non-premixed CH4/NH3/air Flames in a Two-stage Gas Turbine like Combustor at High Pressure
早川晃弘、他 Experimental and numerical studies of product gas characteristics of ammonia/air premixed laminar flames stabilized in stagnation flows