Vol.9 No.3 2017

Research paper : A super-growth method for single-walled carbon nanotube synthesis (K. Hata)−178−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.9 No.3 (2017) References[1]S. Iijima: Helical microtubules of graphitic carbon, Nature, 354, 56–58 (1991).[2]D. S. Bethune, C. H. Kiang, M. S. DeVries, G. Gorman, R. Savoy, J. Vazquez and R. Beyers: Cobalt-catalysed growth of carbon nanotubes with single-atomic-layer walls, Nature, 363, 605–607 (1993).[3]A. Thess, R. Lee, P. Nikolaev, H. Dai, P. Petit, J. Robert, C. Xu, Y. H. Lee, S. G. Kim, A. G. Rinzler, D. T. Colbert, G. E. Scuseria, D. Tomanek, J. E. Fischer and R. E. Smalley: Crystalline ropes of metallic carbon nanotubes, Science, 273 (5274), 483–487 (1996).[4]C. Journet, W. K. Maser, P. Bernier, A. Loiseau, M. Lamy de La Chapelle, S. Lefrant, P. Deniard, R. Lee and J. E. Fischer: Large-scale production of single-walled carbon nanotubes by the electric-arc technique, Nature, 388 (6644), 756–758 (1997).[5]H. Dai, A. G. Rinzler, P. Nikolaev, A. 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For the development of mass production technology for single-walled carbon nanotubes by super-growth method, received: the 21st Century Invention Encouragement Award, 2016 National Invention Award (Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation); Commendation for Science and Technology (Development) by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology; and Special Jury’s Prize of the 45th Japan Industry and Technology Prize (Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun).Discussions with Reviewers1 OverallComment (Toshimi Shimizu, AIST)This paper presents the course of research in which the innovative synthesis method for single-walled carbon nanotubes developed by the author was advanced from laboratory scale to industrial mass production scale, and the commencement of operation of the world’s rst mass production plant by a company. The diverse elemental technologies that were determined essential according to the research policy conceived by the author and the scenario for the integration of elemental technologies through corporate collaboration are briefly summarized. The passion of the author and the company propelled the realization of the manufacturing process design for nanomaterials for which there was very little previous experience, and this is world-class nanotechnology that is certainly appropriate for publication in Synthesiology.Comment (Shuji Abe, Musashino University)This paper offers a clear overview of the development of production technology for single-walled CNTs by the super-growth method developed by the author, from the motivation of development, the efforts spent on the project, the elemental technologies for a mass production process, and the current commercial production. In the rst draft, there were many places where the author’s “strong thoughts” were presented in literary expression like in a memoire or an essay. While these make the paper very unique, they can also make the paper awkward as an academic article. Synthesiology is, in principle, a public academic journal, and the editorial policy is “to publish papers that explain the research process and the results aiming for the introduction of research results into society in the words of science and technology.” Overall, this paper is written in the words of science and technology, and although I think some literary expressions are permissible, I also feel that they should not be excessive.2 Comparison of the methods for single-walled CNT synthesisComment & Question (Toshimi Shimizu)The author cites Fig. 3 to compare the yield, cost, purity, and quality of the various methods of single-walled CNT synthesis. On the other hand, the paper discusses the superiority of the super-growth method against other innovative synthesis methods for single-walled CNTs, from the perspectives of synthesis yield

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