Vol.9 No.3 2017

Research paper : Development of HASClay® as a high-performance adsorption material (M. Suzuki et al.)−166−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.9 No.3 (2017) in which HASClay is used, other than the possibility of practical realization?Answer (Masaya Suzuki)The fields in which imogolite is used and ones in which HASClay is used as shown in Fig. 5 of the nal draft are basically the same. For the adsorption of water vapor, imogolite has high adsorption/desorption volume in the low humidity and high humidity ranges, while HASClay has high adsorption/desorption volume in the medium humidity range. Therefore, HASClay is a more suitable material for desiccant air conditioning than imogolite. On the other hand, imogolite has a tubular form while HASClay has a granular form, and therefore, HASClay cannot be used as a filler that was the usage expected for imogolite. These points were added to “4.3 Development for expanding the market.”

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