Vol.9 No.3 2017

Research paper : Development of HASClay® as a high-performance adsorption material (M. Suzuki et al.)−160−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.9 No.3 (2017) another −86 ppm peak that corresponded to the structure of layered aluminum silicate such as vermiculite.In TEM observation, HASClay GI was composed of particles of a size about 10 nm,[14] while HASClay GIII was composed of particles of 2–10 nm sizes and hollow spherical particles of 2–3 nm sizes like allophane .[16]The x-ray powder diffraction pattern of HASClay GIII showed the diffraction pattern of amorphous aluminum silicate, and it could not be differentiated from other amorphous aluminum silicates in the TEM observation. The differentiation of the amorphous aluminum silicate was made possible by the solid 29Si-NMR spectrum that showed two peaks of one derived from the allophane and imogolite structure and the other derived from the clay structure.The category and comparison of the three types of synthesized HASClay are shown in Table 1, and their water vapor adsorption isothermal curves are shown in Fig. 11. In HASClay performance, it is estimated that the reason the performance increases by desalination before heating is related to the formation of imogolite. In the synthesis of imogolite, it is known that the growth of nanotubes is inhibited in the presence of anions of chloride ions.[10] Therefore, it is necessary to remove the anions for the development of structures like imogolite to a certain degree.By the way, heating at 200 ºC was a taboo for those who had been studying imogolite. This was because we knew that Fig. 9 29Si-NMR spectra of HASClayFig. 10 TEM photographs of HASClay (Left: HASClay GI[16], right: HASClay GIII[14])HASClay GIIIHASClay GI-86-86-110-78-78HASClay GIHASClay GIII-160-140-120-100-80-60-40-160-140-120-100-80-60-40450~550 m2/gLowNo 80~100 ℃HASClay®-GⅢ550~650 m2/gSomewhat lowYes 80~100 ℃HASClay®-GⅡ750~850 m2/gHighYes150~200 ℃HASClay®-GⅠSpecic surface areaManufacturing costDesalination before heatingSynthesis temperatureNameTable 1. Category and comparison of HASClay

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