Vol.9 No.2 2016

Research paper : Development of rock deformation techniques under high-pressure and high-temperature conditions (Koji MASUDA)−111−Synthesiology - English edition Vol.9 No.2 (2016) you tell us what the major performance differences, measurement limits, and other differences are compared with a general-use materials testing device, aside from the high-temperature and high-pressure conditions (and the control of the water content)?Answer (Koji Masuda)I added a response to this question to Subchapter 4.5. The underground stress state is basically represented by compression under pressure (hydrostatic pressure). Also, I explained that one limitation of this testing device is that the maximum achievable pressure (200 MPa) is constrained by the use of a high-pressure gas as the pressure medium (because high pressures and high temperatures cannot be achieved and the deformation cannot be measured precisely otherwise).


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